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Vafi, Fariba
Translated from the Persian by Mahnaz Kousha and Nasrin Jewell
With an Afterword by Farzaneh Milani
My Bird
Paper $14.95    |    978-0-8156-0795-3    |    2019

Cloth $24.95    |    978-0-8156-0944-5    |    2009

Vahabzadeh, Peyman
A Guerrilla Odyssey: Modernization, Secularism, Democracy, and the Fadai Period of National Liberation in Iran, 1971–1979
Cloth $29.95s    |    978-0-8156-3243-6    |    2010

Vahdat, Farzin
God and Juggernaut: Iran’s Intellectual Encounter with Modernity
Cloth $35.95L   |    0-8156-2922-2   |    2001

Paper $19.95s   |    0-8156-2947-8    |   2001

van de Ven, Susan Kerr
With a Foreword by Saad Eddin Ibrahim
One Family’s Response to Terrorism: A Daughters Memoir
Paper $19.95    |    978-0-8156-0954-4    |    2010

Vasiliev, Ren
From Abbotts to Zurich: New York State Placenames
Paper $19.95   |   0-8156-0798-9   |   2004

Vecsey, Christopher and Robert W. Venables, editors
American Indian Environments: Ecological Issues in Native American History
Paper $19.95s   |    0-8156-2227-9   |    1994

Vecsey, Christopher
Following 9/11: Religion Coverage in the New York Times
Cloth $34.95    |    978-0-8156-0986-5    |    2011

Vecsey, Christopher and William A. Starna, editors
Iroquois Land Claims
Paper $19.95s   |    0-8156-0222-7    |   1988

Vee Koles, Jeanne and Brother Thomas Bezanson
Risk and Discovery: The Ceramic Art of Hideaki Miyamura
Cloth $50.00    |    9781879985261    |    2014

Viertel, Arthur T.
Trees, Shrubs, and Vines: A Pictorial Guide to the Ornamental Woody Plants of the Northeastern United States Exclusive of Conifers
Paper $19.95s    |   0-8156-0068-2   |    1970

Viorst, Milton
Sandcastles: The Arabs in Search of the Modern World
Paper $19.95   |    0-8156-0362-2    |   1995

Vogel, Joseph
Man’s Courage
Paper $16.95s    |   0-8156-0233-2    |   1989

Voll, John Obert
Islam: Continuity and Change in the Modern World , Second Edition
Paper $19.95s   |    0-8156-2639-8    |   1994

Volpe, Edmond L.
A Reader’s Guide to William Faulkner: The Short Stories

Paper $19.95s   |   0-8156-3047-6   |   2004

Vorpouni, Zareh
The Candidate: A Novel
Translated from the Western Armenian by Jennifer Manoukian and Ishkhan Jinbashian
With an Afterword by Marc Nichanian
Paper $19.95s    |    978-0-8156-3468-3    |    2016

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