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Zaferatos, Nicholas Christos
Foreword by Brian Cladoosby
Planning the American Indian Reservation: From Theory to Empowerment
Paper $29.95s    |    978-0-8156-3542-0    |    2017

Cloth $39.95s    |    978-0-8156-3393-8    |    2015

Zafzaf, Muhammad
Translated from the Arabic by Mbarek Sryfi and Roger Allen
The Elusive Fox
Paper $18.95    |    978-0-8156-1077-9    |    2016

Zafzaf, Muhammad
Translated from the Arabic by Mbarek Sryfi and Roger Allen
Monarch of the Square: An Anthology of Muhammad Zafzaf’s Short Stories
Paper $29.95s    |    978-0-8156-3369-3    |    2014

Zartman, William, editor
Cooperative Security: Reducing Third World Wars
Paper $19.95s   |    0-8156-0305-3    |   1995

Zaydan, Jurji
Translated from the Arabic by Samah Selim
Tree of Pearls, Queen of Egypt
Paper $19.95    |    978-0-8156-0999-5    |    2012

El-Zein, Amira
Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn
Paper $24.95s    |    978-0-8156-3514-7    |    2017

Cloth $39.95s    |    978-0-8156-3200-9    |    2009

Ziring, Lawrence
The Ayub Khan Era: Politics in Pakistan, 1958-1969
Cloth $39.95s    |   0-8156-0075-5    |   1971

Zissman, Harold
The Warriors
Paper $19.95    |    0-8156-0839-X    |    2005

Zoghaib, Henri
Translated into English by Adnan Haydar and Michael Beard
Translated into French by Rouba Saba Habib
Translated into German by Ursula Assaf-Nowak
Intimate Verses
Paper $12.95    |    978-0-8156-0925-4    |    2008

Zuelow, Eric G. E.
Making Ireland Irish: Tourism and National Identity since the Irish Civil War
Cloth $39.95s    |    978-0-8156-3225-2    |    2009

Zugger, Rev. Christopher Lawrence
The Forgotten: Catholics of the Soviet Empire from Lenin through Stalin
Cloth $39.95    |   0-8156-0679-6    |   2001

Zunes, Stephen and Jacob Mundy
With a Foreword by George McGovern
Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution
Cloth $49.95s    |    978-0-8156-3219-1    |    2010

Zúquete, José Pedro
Missionary Politics in Contemporary Europe
Cloth $34.95s    |    978-0-8156-3149-1    |    2007

Zurayk, Huda C., & Haroutune K. Armenian, editors (AUB)
Beirut 1984: A Population and Health Profile
Cloth $30.00s   |    0-8156-6076-6   |    1985

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