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Middle East Studies Beyond Dominant Paradigms

For the past century or more, students of Middle East studies in the U. S., Europe, and the Arab World have upheld an East-West differentiation rooted in Orientalism. In the post World-War II years modernization arose to compete with the more classical Orientalism and political economy emerged as a variant of this modernization. It appeared that the dichotomy between East and West might be eliminated. The consequences of this failed endeavor—the end of the developmental revolution marked a resurgence of Orientalism—were nothing less than staggering, not only on the level of thought but of policy. The more recent rise of post-colonial discourse has so far not altered the situation.

This series suggests it is time for a new beginning. The dominant tradition has left the region culturally disenfranchised. Authors are encouraged to submit scholarly volumes, books with great popular appeal, translations, texts, and reprints of classic works.

Artisan Entrepreneurs in Cairo and Early Modern Capitalism Artisan Entrepreneurs in Cairo and Early-Modern Capitalism (1600–1800)
Nelly Hanna
Cloth $34.95s    |    978-0-8156-3279-5    |    2011

Family and Court Family and Court – Legal Culture and Modernity in Late Ottoman Palestine
Iris Agmon
Cloth $39.95s    |    0-8156-3062-X    |    2005

Formation of the Modern State Formation of the Modern State: The Ottoman Empire 16th to 18th Centuries, Second Ed.
Rifa’at ’Ali Abou-El-Haj
Paper $19.95s    |    0-8156-3085-9    |    2005

Gender and Class in the Egyptian Women Gender and Class in the Egyptian Women’s Movement, 1925-1939: Changing Perspectives
Cathlyn Mariscotti
Cloth $24.95s    |    978-08156-3170-5    |    2008

Holy Land in Transit The Holy Land in Transit: Colonialism and the Quest for Canaan
Steven Salaita
Cloth $34.95L    |    0-8156-3125-1    |    2006

Paper $16.95s    |    0-8156-3109-X    |    2006

In Praise of Books In Praise of Books: A Cultural History of Cairo’s Middle Class, Sixteenth Through the Eighteenth Century
Nelly Hanna
Cloth $45.00L    |    0-8156-3012-3    |    2003

Paper $19.95s    |    0-8156-3036-0    |    2003

Islamic Roots of Capitalism Islamic Roots of Capitalism: Egypt, 1760-1840
Peter Gran
Paper $26.95    |    0-8156-0506-4    |    1998

The Large Landowning Class The Large Landowning Class and the Peasantry in Egypt, 1837–1952
Raouf Abbas and Assem El–Dessouky
Translated from the Arabic by Amer Mohsen with Mona Zikri
Edited by Peter Gran
Cloth $29.95s    |    978-0-8156-3287-0    |    2011

Making Big Money Making Big Money in 1600: The Life and Times of Isma’il Abu Taqiyya, Egyption Merchant
Nelly Hanna
Paper $19.95s    |    0-8156-2763-7    |    1998

Militant Women of a Fragile Nation Militant Women of a Fragile Nation
Malek Abisaab
Cloth $45.00s    |    978-0-8156-3212-2    |    2009

Minorities and the Modern Arab World Minorities and the Modern Arab World: New Perspectives
Edited by Laura Robson
Cloth $65.00L    |    978-0-8156-3452-2    |    2016

Paper $34.95s    |    978-0-8156-3433-1    |    2016

Native Tongue, Stranger Talk: The Arabic and French Literary Landscapes of Lebanon
Michelle Hartman
Cloth $44.95s    |    978-0-8156-3356-3    |    2014

New Mamluks The New Mamluks: Egyptian Society and Modern Feudalism
Amira el-Azhary Sonbol
Cloth $49.95L    |   0-8156-2844-7    |    2000

Paper $19.95s    |    0-8156-2845-5    |    2000

Pragmatism in Islamic Law Pragmatism in Islamic Law: A Social and Intellectual History
Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim
Paper $29.95s    |    978-0-8156-3517-8    |    2017

Cloth $39.95s    |    978-0-8156-3394-5    |    2015

Shiites of Lebanon The Shi‘ites of Lebanon: Modernism, Communism, and Hizbullah’s Islamists
Rula Jurdi Abisaab and Malek Abisaab
Paper $29.95s    |    978-0-8156-3509-3    |    2017

Cloth $49.95s    |    978-0-8156-3372-3    |    2014

Unveiling the Harem Unveiling the Harem: Elite Women and the Paradox of Seclusion in Eighteenth-Century Cairo
Mary Ann Fay
Cloth $45.00s    |    978-0-8156-3293-1    |    2012

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