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Fall 2006 Book Catalog 
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The Double Indemnity Murder   The "Double Indemnity" Murder
Ruth Snyder, Judd Gray, and New York’s
Crime of the Century

Landis MacKellar
A history of the sensational New York City love triangle murder case that held the attention of the nation in 1927.
Real Photo Postcard Guide   Real Photo Postcard Guide
The People’s Photography

Robert Bogdan and Todd Weseloh
Lavishly illustrated, this encyclopedic volume provides the most comprehensive look at the history and culture of real photo postcards to date.
America in the Fifties   America in the Fifties
Andrew J. Dunar
With a Foreword by John Robert Greene
A concise and accessible account of the era written with an eye toward engaging the student and general reader.
Thinking Peaceful Change   Thinking Peaceful Change
Baltic Security Policies and Security Community Building

Frank Möller
Provides a novel analysis of current efforts at security-building by post-Soviet Baltic states amid important political, regional, and international developments.
Something Must Be Done   Something Must Be Done
One Black Woman’s Story

Peggy Wood with Parker Brown
With a Foreword by H. Douglas Barclay
Sheds light on the early and midtwentieth-century middle-class black family life, a theme that is rarely covered in African American narratives.
Straightedge Youth   Straightedge Youth
Complexity and Contradictions of a Subculture

Robert T. Wood
A comprehensive examination of the history and social dynamics of straightedge youth through the rich diversity of this punk influenced subculture.
Intimations of Difference   Intimations of Difference
Dvora Baron in the Modern Hebrew Renaissance

Sheila E. Jelen
An examination of the only woman to achieve recognition in the canon of modern Hebrew fiction during the Modern Hebrew Renaissance (1881-1921).
Silent No More   "Silent No More"
Saving the Jews of Russia
the American Jewish Effort, 1967-1989

Henry L. Feingold
The dramatic chronicle of the Soviet Jewry movement in its full historical context, highlighting the significant effort of the American Jews to extricate the Jewish community from the Kremlin's grasp.
The New Cathedrals   The New Cathedrals
Politics and Media in the History of Stadium Construction

Robert C. Trumpbour
A compelling analysis of stadium history, exploring the intersection of civic leadership, sporting institutions, and media coverage to reveal cultural attitudes that transcend sport.
Alabaster Cities   Alabaster Cities
Urban U.S. since 1950

John Rennie Short
Traces the evolution of urban America since 1950, uncovering the forces behind the full emergence of a metropolitan nation, a suburban society, and a series of fragmented civic communities.
At Home   At Home
An Anthropology of Domestic Space

Edited by Irene Cieraad
Explores the practices and symbolism of domestic space in Western society.
Tel Aviv   Tel Aviv
Mythography of a City

Maoz Azaryahu
Offers an innovative approach to understanding the cultural history of Tel Aviv by exploring the mythical dimension and texture of the city.
Algeria and France, 1800-2000   Algeria and France, 1800-2000
Identity, Memory, Nostalgia

Edited by Patricia M. E. Lorcin
A cohesive collection that brings together the most recent and innovative scholarship on the subject of memory and identity in the France-Algeria colonial and postcolonial relationship, exploring topics from history and photography to culture and religion.
Democracy and Civil Society in Arab Political Thought   Democracy and Civil Society in Arab Political Thought
Transcultural Possibilities

Michaelle L. Browers
Uncovers a rich and varied debate occurring in the world of Arab intellectuals about the meaning and function of a civil society in democratic political theory.
Quest for Divinity   Quest for Divinity
A Critical Examination of the Thought of Mahmud Muhammad Taha

Mohamed A. Mahmoud
The first critical work to examine fully the thought of Mahmud Muhammad Taha (1909-1985) who advanced one of the most radical intellectual projects for the reform of Islam and its reconciliation with modernity.
Return to Dar al-Basha   Return to Dar al-Basha
A Novel

Hassan Nasr
Translated from the Arabic by William Maynard Hutchins
A haunting, poetic, semi-autobiographical evocation of a Tunisian childhood during the days of nationalist resistance against French colonial rule.
Thieves in Retirement   Thieves in Retirement
A Novel

Hamdi Abu Golayyel
Translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Booth
In this acclaimed Egyptian novel, a young Bedouin man trying to find his way discovers a raucous yet endearing community in a multifamily tenement deep in a crowded Cairo neighborhood.
Living Palestine   Living Palestine
Family Survival, Resistance, and Mobility under Occupation

Edited by Lisa Taraki
Examines processes of social reproduction, survival, and social mobility amid Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
The Holy Land in Transit   The Holy Land in Transit
Colonialism and the Quest for Canaan

Steven Salaita
A pioneering comparative analysis of colonialism in the New World and Holy Land, exploring the ways in which settler societies transform theological narratives into national histories to justify their occupation of foreign land.
The Politics of Public Memory in Turkey   The Politics of Public Memory in Turkey
Edited by Esra Özyürek
Approaches little-studied aspects of Turkish national identity from unique and revealing angles, offering a variety of new insights into how history has informed—and created—modern Turkey.
Letters From Cairo   Letters From Cairo
Pauline Kaldas
An illuminating and engaging chronicle of one family’s experience of life in Cairo.
Seasons of the Word   Seasons of the Word
Selected Poems

Hilmi Yavuz
Translated from the Turkish by Walter G. Andrews
A collection of extraordinary poems combining philosophy and anguish, western modernity and Ottoman sensibility.
Writing Lough Derg   Writing Lough Derg
From William Carleton to Seamus Heaney

Peggy O‘Brien
Examines two hundred years of writing about the pilgrimage site also known as St. Patrick’s Purgatory.
    Trapped in Thought
A Study of the Beckettian Mentality

Eric P. Levy
Analyzes the original concepts with which experience is formulated in the Beckett canon.
Ireland and the Global Question   Ireland and the Global Question
Michael J. O’Sullivan
A look at how Ireland is affected by globalization yet maintains its financial, political, and social independence in a geopolitical world.
Navigations   Navigations
Collected Irish Essays 1976-2006

Richard Kearney
Collects the writings of prominent philosopher and cultural critic Richard Kearney from the past thirty years.
New Irish Women's Writing   Divas!
New Irish Women’s Writing

Deirdre Brennan, Máighréad Medbh, and Nuala Ní Chonchúir
Divas! is the debut collection in a new anthology series celebrating the work of Irish women writers.
Divas A Sense of Place   Divas!
A Sense of Place

Edited by Nuala Ní Chonchúir
Divas! A Sense of Place, the second volume in Arlen House’s Divas! series, is a bilingual portrait of contemporary women’s writing in Galway.
Deeply Regretted by   Deeply Regretted by . . .
Maeve Binchy
Deeply Regretted By . . . , Maeve Binchy’s classic television play, is a moving and powerful account of a tragedy affecting a woman in London who discovers, on the death of her "husband," that their married life was a lie.
I Only Know That I Love Strength in My Friends and Greatness   I Only Know That I Love Strength in My Friends and Greatness
James Liddy
"It is gratifying to know that [Liddy] has not yet reached his zenith but, like a glass being raised in perpetual salutation, continues to ascend, ascend, ascend."
—Michael S. Begnal, from the Afterword
His Lordship   "His Lordship"
Colm Luibhéid
A government minister is murdered. His widow becomes a suspect. Bishop Conor Mahon, a neighbor and one familiar with both, has his own suspicions. As he struggles to come to grips with the tragedy, Conor Mahon must overcome his doubts. . . . At once a political thriller and a work of philosophical and social inquiry, Colm Luibhéid’s novel offers a poignant and wide-eyed treatment of subjects rarely examined in Irish fiction.
Reader's Guide to Rilke Sonnets to Orpheus   A Reader’s Guide to Rilke’s "Sonnets to Orpheus"
Timothy J. Casey
Writing with a clarity and fluency of style, Timothy J. Casey presents his second book on Rainer Maria Rilke, a reader’s guide to Sonnets to Orpheus.
Lick of the Lizard   Lick of the Lizard
Geraldine Mills
The journey of Geraldine Mills into the world of short story has earned her many plaudits, and it is clear from this collection why. This is no surprise for readers more familiar with Miller's work as a poet. She brings lyricism to her prose. . . .Taking the title from her Hennessy Award-winning story "Lick of the Lizard," this collection of nine highly wrought stories sings.
Lives and Miracles   Lives and Miracles
Vincent Woods
Drawings by Charles Cullen
Lives and Miracles is a poetry collection that derives much of its strength from the simplicity of its form. Vincent Woods combines a sideways glance at the material facts of economic life (a rare matter in Irish poetry) with wit....The collection is accompanied by thirty-five drawings inspired by the poems and the landscapes of County Leitrim.
James Liddy   James Liddy
A Critical Study

Brian Arkins
This book is the first comprehensive study of Liddy’s work, placing his poetry at the forefront of modern Irish literature.
Travelling West   Travelling West
Rita Kelly
The critically acclaimed, award-winning poet Rita Kelly once again proves to be a distinctive voice in Irish poetry. Her narrative style is at once profound and urgent, lyrical and humorous. Dual English-Irish edition.
Revenge   Revenge
Órfhlaith Foyle
Critically acclaimed author of the debut novel Belios, Órfhlaith Foyle has been writing poetry and short fiction for many years. This collection gathers together for the first time the best of her work.
Sundial   Sundial
Colette Nic Aodha
Best known for writing in Irish, Colette Nic Aodha is also widely published as an English-language poet. Readers familiar with her work, as well as those reading Nic Aodha for the first time, will cherish this dazzling new collection.
On the Side of Light   On the Side of Light
The Poetry of Cathal Ó Searcaigh

Edited by James Doan and Frank Sewell
Cathal Ó Searcaigh is one of the leading Irish poets of the past twenty-five years. The collection’s international array of both contributors and perspectives reflects the breadth and scope of Ó Searcaigh’s work, exploring such themes as language, place, religion, sexuality, and modernity.
Gaelic Gothic   Gaelic Gothic
Race, Colonization, and Irish Culture

Luke Gibbons
"In this challenging, wide-ranging [book], Luke Gibbons explores the complexities of the gothic genre, maintaining that, though originally a literary genre known for its popular or sensational appeal, the gothic grew to become part of everyday life. . . . Gibbons provides a thought-provoking study that recognizes the relationship between racial theory and literary genre." —Robert Savage, Boston College
Hidden Ireland, Public Sphere   Hidden Ireland, Public Sphere
Joep Leerssen
This pioneering study attempts to sidestep ingrained and outworn debates and argues that Irish developments around 1800 can be fruitfully studied in the light of historical models elaborated for Continental Europe.
Conserving the Emerald Tiger   Conserving the Emerald Tiger
The Politics of Environmental Regulation in Ireland

George Taylor
In Conserving the Emerald Tiger, George Taylor reveals the way in which environmental politics embrace issues at the very heart of Irish democracy: state intervention, economic growth, environmental conservation and political protest.
Women of Galway Jail   The Women of Galway Jail
Female Criminality in Nineteenth-Century Ireland

Geraldine Curtin
In this book Geraldine Curtin examines the socioeconomic conditions in which these women lived, the crimes they committed, and the treatment they received while in prison.
    Clement Greenberg in Syracuse
Includes the DVD of the documentary "The Mirror Eye"
Exploring the complex role between critic and artist, the essays reveal the ways in which Greenberg’s influence shaped the development of each artists’ creative output.
Before the Throne of Grace   Before the Throne of Grace
An Evangelical Family in the Early Republic

Laura S. Seitz and Elaine D. Baxter
A portrait of the changing political, economic, social, and cultural milieu of nineteenth century-American society seen through the lens of a prominent New York State evangelical family.
Selected Plays of Padraic Colum   First-time paperback

Selected Plays of Padraic Colum
Edited by Sanford Sternlicht
A collection of four plays that span Colum’s career: The Land, The Betrayal, and two of his Noh plays, Glendalough and Monasterboice.

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