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Fall 2008 Book Catalog 
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Besa   Besa
Muslims Who Saved Jews in World War II

Norman H. Gershman
In Albania and Kosovo, Muslims sheltered, at grave risk to themselves and their families, not only the Jews of their cities and villages, but thousands of Jews fleeing the Nazis from other European countries.
Psychiatry   Psychiatry
The Science of Lies

Thomas Szasz
For more than half a century Thomas Szasz has devoted much of his career to a radical critique of psychiatry. His latest work, Psychiatry: The Science of Lies, is a culmination of his life’s work: to portray the integral role of deception in the history and practice of psychiatry.
Innocents Abroad Too   Innocents Abroad Too
Journeys Around the World on Semester at Sea

Michael Pearson
As a two-term professor in the Semester at Sea Program, Pearson journeyed by ship in 2002 and 2006 to such countries as Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, and Cuba. In Innocents Abroad Too he shares his experiences and candid impressions, transporting the reader from bustling streets outside Shanghai’s City God Temple to the Masai Mara plain.
Day My Mother Changed Her Name   The Day My Mother Changed Her Name and Other Stories
William D. Kaufman
The son of Jewish immigrants from Lithuania and the Ukraine and one of five children, he learned how to translate his colorful childhood into tales of his own, regaling audiences of family, friends, and eventually his retirement community with periodic public readings.
Eminent Persians   Eminent Persians
The Men and Women Who Made Modern Iran, 1941-1979, Volumes One and Two

Abbas Milani
Milani’s groundbreaking portrait of modern Iran reveals the country’s rich history through the lives of the men and women who forged it. Consisting of 150 profiles of the most important innovators in Iran between World War II and the Islamic Revolution, the book includes politicians, entrepreneurs, poets, artists, and thinkers who brought Iran into the modern era with brilliant success and sometimes terrible consequences.
Blood Test   Blood Test
A Novel

Abbas Beydoun
Translated from the Arabic by Max Weiss
Widely known throughout the Arab world as a leading poet, journalist, and literary critic, Abbas Beydoun’s writing is infused with the politics and culture of his native Lebanon. In Blood Test, his first novel, Beydoun recounts the efforts of a young man to explore his own history and identity through his encounters with the family and friends who surround him.
Dalliance   Dalliance
A Novel

Diana Burg
Narrated through Mary’s diary entries, Isaac’s letters, and the journal of newspaper reporter Thomas Perry, Dalliance transports the reader with exquisitely researched detail into the material culture of America’s mid-nineteenth-century upper-crust society. Richly drawn characters and Burg’s eloquent style combine to make this an engrossing and emotionally powerful novel readers will not soon forget.
Running for All the Right Reasons   Running for All the Right Reasons
A Saudi-born Woman’s Pursuit of Democracy

Ferial Masry and Susan Chenard
Running for All the Right Reasons chronicles Masry’s remarkable life, from her childhood in Mecca and her decision to emigrate to the United States to her career as an educator and her bold entry into the world of politics. Masry’s story, as well as her passionate belief in democracy and commitment to her community, is the stuff of legends.
This Part of the World   This Part of the World
A Novel

Samuel Hazo
Samuel Hazo offers the reader an intrepid portrait of conscience, charisma, and the slow corruption of the human spirit. Hazo writes with a steely clarity and sharp satirical edge, bringing to life his tragic subject and illuminating the fate of a nation.
Virgin of Solitude   The Virgin of Solitude
A Novel

Taghi Modarressi
Translated from the Persian by Nasrin Rahimieh
Set around the time of the revolution, The Virgin of Solitude follows the parallel lives of a transplanted Austrian woman, who has made Iran her home, and her grandson, Nuri . . . . As the turmoil of the revolution envelops the country, grandmother and grandson witness the dissolution of social, class, and political order, while searching for a sense of belonging.
Intimate Verses   Intimate Verses
Henri Zoghaib
Translated into English by Adnan Haydar and Michael Beard
Translated into French by Rouba Saba Habib
Translated into German by Ursula Assaf-Nowak
Lebanese poet, writer, and critic Henri Zoghaib is a leading cultural figure in the Arab world. Poems are juxtaposed with illustrations by artist Wajih Nahle, giving readers a book that is both visually stunning and a rare introduction to Arabic poetry.
Corresponding Voices   Corresponding Voices
Volume Three

Edited by Pedro Cuperman
The third volume of the poetry series Corresponding Voices features the work of five celebrated poets: Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ana María Fuster Lavín, Christopher Kennedy, Tonia León, and Zeeshan Sahil.
Braided Lives   Braided Lives
A 20th Century Pursuit of Happiness

June Bingham
As a cousin to the celebrated Lehman family, Birge grew up among colorful and eccentric members of New York’s high society...she married Jonathan Bingham, who served as ambassador to the United Nations and became a nine-term congressman from the Northwest Bronx. With candor and wit, Birge brings to life the events and the people she encountered, including such luminaries as Katherine Graham, Indira Gandhi, W. Averell Harriman, and U Thant.
Italian Art, Society, and Politics   Italian Art, Society, and Politics
A Festschrift for Rab Hatfield

Presented by His Students on the Occasion of His Seventieth Birthday
Edited by Barbara Deimling, Jonathan K. Nelson, and Gary M. Radke
This engaging collection of fifteen essays offers new perspectives on a wide range of subjects in Italian art history, architecture, history, and urban studies. Topics range from eleventh-century urbanism in Florence and northern influences on Lombard painting to the rewriting of history in the nascent Italian state.
Plautilla Nelli   Plautilla Nelli (1524-1588)
The Painter-Prioress of Renaissance Florence

Edited by Jonathan K. Nelson
A little-known painter in sixteenth-century Florence, Plautilla Nelli is one of the first known female Renaissance artists. In this collection of essays, internationally recognized scholars examine the life and works of Nelli, the prioress of a Dominican convent, with special attention to the artistic, social, and religious contexts.
Ken Matsuzaki   Ken Matsuzaki
Burning Tradition

Andrew L. Maske, Ken Matsuzaki, Phil Rogers
Under the guidance of Master Potter and National Living Treasure Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Ken Matsuzaki has emerged as a leading figure in modern Japanese ceramics. This volume, which includes an in-depth interview with the artist, an essay by Professor Andrew Maske, and full-color illustrations, will introduce the reader to both the history and the future of Japanese ceramics.
Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership   Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership
The Six Nations since 1800

Laurence M. Hauptman
In Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership, Laurence M. Hauptman traces the past 200 years of the Six Nations’ history through the lens of the remarkable leaders who shaped it. Including leaders from all six Iroquois nations and all regions of modern-day Iroquoia, the book offers both historical and contemporary portraits. Hauptman’s lucid prose and unrivaled authority make this an accessible and indispensable volume.
Wasnt It Only Yesterday   Wasn’t It Only Yesterday
Mario G. Fumarola
In this charming memoir of growing up in Utica, New York, in the 1940s and 1950s, Mario Fumarola celebrates the traditions and experiences of Italian American life. A gifted storyteller, Fumarola re-creates in vivid detail not only his own early experiences but also the motley cast of characters surrounding him, paying tribute to indelible family ties with an affection that will resonate with many readers.
Working   Working
An Anthology of Writing and Photography

Edited by Greg Hart, Mary Ellen Mangino, Zoeanne Murphy, and Ann Marie Taliercio
In Working, working-class individuals in Syracuse, New York, share their stories of confronting the challenges of the new "global economy" by demanding both bread and roses. In their own words, workers tell how issues of class, gender, educational opportunity, and governmental policy shape their lives. It is from this combination of everyday experience and aesthetic expression that the future of working-class identity in Syracuse will emerge.
The Rise of the Rich   The Rise of the Rich
A New View of Modern World History

Peter Gran
In this book, Peter Gran seeks to reframe current historical debates, presenting a model of analysis based on the rise of the rich. Gran outlines the structure of this new paradigm, building upon metanarrative concepts from Marxism to liberalism. Far-reaching in its historical scope, Gran’s work lays the foundation for a critical rethinking of world history and offers a vital contribution to the field.
The Broken Olive Branch   The Broken Olive Branch
Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and the Quest for Peace in Cyprus, Volumes One and Two

Harry Anastasiou
Harry Anastasiou’s analysis of Cyprus’s historic conflict examines the logic of nationalist thinking, assesses the rise of Greek and Turkish nationalism, and traces the division of Greek and Turkish Cypriots since the country won independence from British rule in 1960. With great depth and balance, The Broken Olive Branch presents a fresh analysis of the Cyprus conflict and new insights on the influence of nationalism.
American Nuclear Disarmament   The American Nuclear Disarmament Dilemma, 1945-1963
David Tal
While previous books have focused on the policies of specific administrations, Tal’s is the first to consider negotiations as an evolving phenomenon that preoccupied three presidents, from Truman to Kennedy. Drawing on extensive archival research, the author examines the profound dilemma faced by leaders on all sides-forced by political pressure to engage in negotiations whose success they saw as injurious to national interests.
Frontiers of Femininity   Frontiers of Femininity
A New Historical Geography of the Nineteenth-Century American West

Karen M. Morin
In this fascinating and highly original collection of essays, Karen Morin explores the self-expression of travel writers like Bird by giving geographic context to their work. With a rare degree of clarity the author examines relationships among nineteenth-century American expansionism, discourses about gender, and writings of women who traveled and lived in the American West...
Gender and Class in the Egyptian Womens movement   Gender and Class in the Egyptian Women’s Movement, 1925-1939
Changing Perspectives

Cathlyn Mariscotti
Cathlyn Mariscotti provides a critical reexamination of the women’s movement in light of class differences. Framing it within the broader economic and political movements occurring in Egypt and abroad, her nuanced account of the women’s movement unveils a rich, differentiated, and complex history of Egyptian women.
Urban Social History   The Urban Social History of the Middle East, 1750-1950
Edited by Peter Sluglett
The authors effectively define and map out urban social history in the Middle East from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, affording us a foundational volume that enriches our understanding of society in the late Ottoman and colonial periods.
Globalizing City   Globalizing City
The Urban and Economic Transformation of Accra, Ghana

Richard Grant
Grant reveals the ways in which international, transnational, and local forces are operating on the urban landscape of Accra, from elite gated communities to the poorest slums. Globalizing City offers an excellent case study of the complex social and economic dynamics that have transformed Accra, providing an essential guide for studying globalizing cities in general.
Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature   First-time paperback
Contemporary Muslim Apocalyptic Literature
David Cook
Although apocalyptic visions and predictions have long been part of classical and contemporary Islam, David Cook’s book is the first scholarly work to cover this disparate but influential body of writing. Cook puts the literature in context by examining not only the ideological concerns prompting apocalyptic material but its interconnection with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Arab relations with the United States and other Western nations, and the persistance of violence in the Middle East.
Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language   Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language
Abdelfattah Kilito
Translated from the Arabic by Waïl S. Hassan
First published in Arabic in 2002, Abdelfattah Kilito’s Thou Shalt Not Speak My Language explores the tension between dynamics of literary influence and canon formation within the Arabic literary tradition. As one of the Arab world’s most original and provocative literary critics, Kilito challenges the reader to reexamine contemporary notions of translation, bilingualism, postcoloniality, and the discipline of comparative literature.
Off the Straight Path   "Off the Straight Path"
Illicit Sex, Law, and Community in Ottoman Aleppo

Elyse Semerdjian
The legal treatment of sexual behavior is a subject that receives little scholarly attention in the field of Middle East women’s studies. Important questions about the relationship between sexuality and the law and about the societies enforcing that relationship are rarely addressed in the current literature. Elyse Semerdjian’s "Off the Straight Path" takes a bold step toward filling that gap, offering a fascinating look at the historical progression of Islamic law’s treatment of illicit sex.
Hijab   Hijab and the Republic
Uncovering the French Headscarf Debate

Bronwyn Winter
Drawing on both scholarly literature and popular commentary, she examines the headscarf debate from its inception in 1989 through fluctuations in its intensity in public consciousness over the 1990s to its surging significance in the wake of 9/11 and the consequent shift in global politics. Winter argues convincingly that the issue must be understood within the specific historical and cultural context of France and through a feminist lens, since gender is fundamental to the debate about veiling Muslim women. Hijab and the Republic presents a fresh and richly detailed examination of a subject that remains at the forefront of discussion about Islam and the West.
Alfred Farag and Egyptian Theater   Alfred Farag and Egyptian Theater
The Poetics of Disguise, with Four Short Plays and a Monologue

Dina A. Amin
With a Foreword by Roger Allen
As one of Egyptian theater’s leading contemporary playwrights, Alfred Farag has had a profound influence on shaping Arabic drama and Egyptian cultural politics during the past five decades. His plays interrogate the human condition, exposing the struggles of nonheroic individuals faced with political, social, and economic abuse.
I, Anatolia and Other Plays   I, Anatolia and Other Plays
An Anthology of Modern Turkish Drama, Volume Two

Edited by Talat S. Halman and Jayne L. Warner
This two-volume anthology is the first major collection of modern Turkish plays in English, with subjects ranging from ancient Anatolian mythology and Ottoman history to contemporary social issues, family dramas, and ribald comedy from Turkey’s cities and rural areas....For producers, directors, and actors, they provide a wealth of fresh new material, with characters ranging from Ottoman sultans to a Soviet cosmonaut, from the Byzantine empress Theodora to a fisherman’s wife, from residents of an Istanbul neighborhood to King Midas, from Montezuma to a Turkish cabinet minister.
Journal of Turkish Literature   Journal of Turkish Literature
Issue 4

Talat S. Halman, Editor in Chief
Laura Mignon, Associate Editor
The literature of the Turks is among the oldest of living literatures. It has remained vibrant over nearly twelve centuries and in many continents and regions, finding expression in a diversity of languages and scripts and remaining receptive to external influences while maintaining its intrinsic impetus for renewal. This issue includes the earliest Naz?m Hikmet translations into English and Yashar Kemal’s fiction.
Irish Theater in America   Irish Theater in America
Essays on Irish Theatrical Diaspora

Edited by John P. Harrington
For more than 150 years, Irish playwrights, beginning with Dion Boucicault, have been celebrated by American audiences. However, Irish theater as represented on the American stage is merely a sampling of the national drama, and the underlying causes of Irish dramatic success in America illuminate the cultural state of both countries at specific historical moments. Irish Theater in America is the first book devoted entirely to the long history of this transatlantic exchange.
Myth of an Irish Cinema   The Myth of an Irish Cinema
Approaching Irish-Themed Films

Michael Patrick Gillespie
In The Myth of an Irish Cinema, Michael Patrick Gillespie presents a groundbreaking challenge to the traditional view of filmmaking, contesting the existence of an Irish national cinema. The book is arranged thematically, with chapters exploring cinematic representation of the middle class, urban life, rural life, religion, and politics. Offering close readings of Irish-themed films, Gillespie identifies a variety of interpretative approaches based on the diverse elements that define national character.
Irish Orientalism   First time in paperback
Irish Orientalism
A Literary and Intellectual History

Joseph Lennon
Centuries before W. B. Yeats wove Indian, Japanese, and Irish forms together in his poetry and plays, Irish writers found kinship in Asian and West Asian cultures. This book maps the unacknowledged discourse of Irish Orientalism within Ireland’s complex colonial heritage.
Joyce, Imperialism, and Postcolonialism   Joyce, Imperialism, and Postcolonialism
Edited by Leonard Orr
Through most of the twentieth century he was the proud embodiment of the rootless intellectual. However, perspectives on the colonial history of Ireland have proliferated in recent years, yielding a subtle and complex conception of the Irish postcolonial experience that has become a major theme in current Joyce scholarship. Highly original and often provocative, these essays bring Joyce powerfully within the ambit of postcolonial studies.
Writing as Freedom   Writing as Freedom, Writing as Testimony
Four Italian Writers and Judaism

Sergio Parussa
In Writing as Freedom, Writing as Testimony, Sergio Parussa explores the relationship between Judaism and writing in the works of four twentieth-century Italian writers: Umberto Saba, Natalia Ginzburg, Giorgio Bassani, and Primo Levi. Parussa examines the different ways in which each author’s work responds to Judaism and the notion of Jewish identity.
Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish   The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917
Barry Trachtenberg
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Yiddish was widely viewed, even by many of its speakers, as a corrupt form of German that Jews had to abandon if they hoped to engage in serious intellectual, cultural, or political work. Yet by 1917 it was the dominant language of the Russian Jewish press, a medium for modern literary criticism, a vehicle for science and learning, and the foundation of an ideology of Jewish liberation. The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Yiddish, 1903-1917 investigates how this change in status occurred and three major figures responsible for its transformation.

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