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Fall 2009 Book Catalog 
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Get Off Your Knees   Get Off Your Knees
A Story of Faith, Courage, and Determination

John Robinson with Dave Allen
Growing up, John Robinson never considered himself an inspiration to others. He was born a congenital amputee and stands three foot eight as an adult. Although he has no extension of his arms or legs, he has not been limited in his career or in his personal life. After graduating from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, he went on to work for NBC affiliates in upstate New York and today is the director of corporate support for WMHT, the public broadcasting television station in Albany.
Moonfixer   Moonfixer
The Basketball Journey of Earl Lloyd

Earl Lloyd and Sean Kirst
In 1950, future Hall of Famer Earl Lloyd became the first African American to play in a National Basketball Association game. A warm and gracious man, widely loved and respected, Lloyd has lived what he describes as an "incredible journey" and has spent eighty years gathering passionate lessons from that experience.
Antipsychiatry   Antipsychiatry
Quackery Squared

Thomas Szasz
More than fifty years ago, Thomas Szasz showed that the concept of mental illness—a disease of the mind—is an oxymoron, a metaphor, a myth. Disease, in the medical sense, affects only the body. In Antipsychiatry: Quackery Squared, Szasz powerfully argues that his writings belong to neither psychiatry nor antipsychiatry. They stem from conceptual analysis, social-political criticism, and common sense.
Icon of Loss   Icon of Loss
The Haunting Child of Samuel Bak

Danna Nolan Fewell and Gary A. Phillips
A survivor of the Vilna liquidation and a child prodigy whose first exhibition was held in the Vilna Ghetto at age nine, Bak weaves together personal history and Jewish history to articulate an iconography of his Holocaust experience. Bak’s art preserves memory of the twentieth-century ruination of Jewish life and culture by way of an artistic passion and precision that stubbornly announces the creativity of the human spirit.
The Pistachio Seller   The Pistachio Seller
Reem Bassiouney
Translated from the Arabic by Osman Nusairi
Set in middle-class urban Egypt, the story chronicles young Wafaa’s struggle to come to terms with her own sexuality and her romantic infatuation with her cousin Ashraf, a spoiled and confident young Egyptian who was educated in England. Reem Bassiouney effortlessly captures the voices of her characters, bringing them to life and allowing the reader to be fully immersed in their lives as they unfold in moving, often funny, and eventually triumphant ways.
Love Is Like Water   Love Is Like Water
and Other Stories

Samia Serageldin
Samia Serageldin draws her characters out with subtlety and control, moving from the narrator’s grand-mother’s garden house in Cairo to the suburbs of North Carolina, yielding powerful portraits of cultural dislocation, faith, and multigenerational conflicts.
Bread Alone   Bread Alone
Kim Jensen
The concise lyrics in Bread Alone condemn the violence in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon, while exploring the intimate consequences of these and other injustices. Darkly humorous, grotesque, sorrowful, outraged, and sometimes poignantly hopeful, Jensen’s poems possess a strange beauty and remind us of the key purposes of poetry—to warn and to revive our sense of conscience and connection.
My Bird   My Bird
Fariba Vafi
Translated from the Farsi by Mahnaz Kousha and Nasrin Jewell
With a Foreword by Farzaneh Milani In this powerful story of life, love, and the demands of marriage and motherhood, Fariba Vafi gives readers a portrait of one woman’s struggle to adapt to the complexity of life in modern Iran.
Challenges to the Cohesion of the Arab State   Challenges to the Cohesion of the Arab State
Edited by Asher Susser
The relative weakness of the Arab state system, the spread of radical Islam, and the reassertion of traditional sub-state identities threaten to undermine the cohesion of some key Arab states. How are they coping with these challenges? To what extent are their efforts succeeding in maintaining cohesion of the Arab States? These are the crucial questions that this compendium seeks to examine.
Rim of the Lock   Rim of the Lock
Houda K. Al Naamani
Lebanese poet and artist Houda K. Al Naamani writes of pain and violence yet insists on the sympathy of love. Throughout the Lebanese Civil War, even in moments of great despair and sadness, she wrote of love and the human capacity to transcend everyday dread.
Popular Turkish Love Lyrics and Folk Legends   Popular Turkish Love Lyrics and Folk Legends
Talat S. Halman
Illustrated by Zeki Findikoglu
Edited by Jayne L. Warner
Popular Turkish Love Lyrics and Folk Legends is the first illustrated anthology of Turkish folk poetry and legends published in the United States. Talat Halman's eloquent, fluid telling of these engaging stories and his translations of the love lyrics, accompanied by Zeki Findikoglu's vibrant serigraphs, serve as a marvelous introduction to the rich world of Turkish folktales and lyrics.
End of Term   End of Term
Maeve Binchy
Maeve Binchy’s first stage play centers on three teachers in an Irish convent school as their lives are exposed by a devious schoolgirl. Originally produced by the famous Abbey Theatre, this is the world debut of Binchy’s classic text.
Half-Promised Land   Half-Promised Land
Maeve Binchy
Published for the first time, Half-Promised Land deals with two young Irish women who visit a kibbutz in 1960s Israel. Binchy explores their actions and emotions as they are confronted with issues of tolerance, belonging and forgiveness, abortion, mental illnesses, and racism.
Tales of the Wicklow Hills   Tales of the Wicklow Hills
Richard Marsh
Foreword by Dáithí Ó hÓgáin
Encompassing 2,000 years of history, myth, legend, and local stories, Tales of the Wicklow Hills offers a selection of Irish stories that is far-reaching and inclusive-from local heroes and saints of the dim and distant past to celebrated historical figures. Richard Marsh presents them all with great verve and skill, revealing Wicklow’s great heritage of storytelling.
Saul Yurkievich   Saúl Yurkievich
Letters Between a Poet and His Translator

Point of Contact, Vol. 9, No. 1-2
Edited by Pedro Cuperman
This new bilingual issue of the Point of Contact book series focuses on the work of the late poet laureate from Argentina, Saúl Yurkievich, and specifically on the inner workings of contemporary poetry and translation. The poet, Yurkievich, and his translator, Cola Franzen, share an intimate dialogue about words, meanings, and resonance. In addition to the letters, the book includes fifteen original, unpublished poems by Yurkievich, all of which were translated into Spanish for this issue of Point of Contact.
Sandro Botticelli and Herbert Horne   Sandro Botticelli and Herbert Horne
New Research

Edited by Rab Hatfield
This volume contains the texts of six papers delivered by internationally renowned scholars during a three-day conference held in Florence in October 2008 in celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of Horne’s celebrated monograph on Botticelli. Together these essays deepen our understanding of this celebrated early Renaissance painter.
For Liberty and Justice   For Liberty and Justice
A Biography of Brigadier General Wlodzimierz B. Krzyzanowski, 1824-1887

James S. Pula
Krzyzanowski was not a "great man" in the sense of someone who shaped and defined policies that altered the course of human events; rather, he was an idealist who possessed the determination and courage of his convictions to risk all that he had in pursuit of the goals he valued.
Milk Mushrooms of North America   Milk Mushrooms of North America
A Field Identification Guide to the Genus Lactarius

Alan E. Bessette, David B. Harris, and Arleen R. Bessette
This is a comprehensive field guide to the milk mushrooms of North America. Featuring over 150 species and varieties, this volume includes detailed descriptions and more than 250 rich color photographs. In addition to the descriptions and illustrations, it includes sections devoted to the features and process of identification, to the ecology of milk mushrooms, and to the edibility of members of the genus Lactarius.
Through and Through   Through and Through
Toledo Stories, Second Edition

Joseph Geha
Treasured in the Arab-American literary community, Through and Through is a collection of broadly interrelated stories, eight originally published in 1990 with three new stories added in the second edition. One of the first books of modern Arab-American fiction, Joseph Geha—s stories offer a warm, inspired portrait of an extended Arab family in a Lebanese and Syrian community in Toledo, Ohio, spanning the decades between the 1930s and the present.
Transforming Faith   Transforming Faith
The Story of Al-Huda and Islamic Revivalism among Urban Pakistani Women

Sadaf Ahmad
"Superbly written, balances open-eyed, incisive analysis with respectful restraint, and offers a powerful antidote to romanticized notions of agency and individual freedom. This path-breaking study reveals the complex reality behind ‘Islamic Feminism.’ Must be required reading for courses on gender, transnationalism, and Islamist social movements."
—Tazim R. Kassam, author of Songs of Wisdom and Circles of Dance
American Writers in Istanbul   American Writers in Istanbul
Melville, Twain, Hemingway, Dos Passos, Bowles, Algren, and Baldwin

Kim Fortuny
A westerner writing about Istanbul "comes up against the Orient as a European or American first, as an individual second," writes Edward Said. The American writers gathered in this collection are approached from the willed double perspective advocated by Said: as historically and culturally positioned and as individuals. Looking at texts by writers who do not necessarily define themselves as Orientalists, Kim Fortuny broadens the possible ways of thinking about this complex, idiosyncratic city of the world.
Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn   Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn
Amira El-Zein
According to the Qur’an, God created two parallel species, man and the jinn, the former from clay and the latter from fire. Beliefs regarding the jinn are deeply integrated into Muslim culture and religion, and have a constant presence in legends, myths, poetry, and literature. In Islam, Arabs, and the Intelligent World of the Jinn, Amira El-Zein explores the integral role these mythological figures play, revealing that the concept of jinn is fundamental to understanding Muslim culture and tradition.
Journal of Turkish Literature (JTL) Issue 5   Journal of Turkish Literature (JTL) Issue 5
Talat S. Halman, Editor in Chief
Laura Mignon, Associate Editor
The Journal of Turkish Literature (JTL) encompasses the literary output of the Turks in Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, and elsewhere. This issue includes articles about the origins of classical Ottoman literature and essays by Robert Dankoff and Dilek Dolta.
Militant Women of a Fragile Nation   Militant Women of a Fragile Nation
Malek Abisaab
In Militant Women of a Fragile Nation, Malek Abisaab takes a gendered approach to labor conflicts, anticolonial struggles, and citizenship in modern Lebanon. Challenging the prevailing assumptions about culturally inscribed roles for Middle Eastern women, the book highlights traditions of public activism and militancy among rural women that are in turn adapted to the spaces of the factory.
Family, Gender, and Law in a Globalizing Middle East   Family, Gender, and Law in a Globalizing Middle East and South Asia
Edited by Kenneth M. Cuno and Manisha Desai
The essays in this collection examine issues of gender, family, and law in the Middle East and South Asia. In particular, the authors address the impact of colonialism on law, family, and gender relations; the role of religious politics in writing family law and the implications for gender relations; and the tension between international standards emerging from UN conferences and conventions and various nationalist projects. Employing the frame of globalization, the authors highlight how local and global forces interact and influence the experience and actions of people who engage with the law.
Masculine Identity in the Fiction of the Arab East since 1967   Masculine Identity in the Fiction of the Arab East since 1967
Samira Aghacy
This book offers an exploration of masculinity in the literature of the Arab East (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Iraq) in the context of a specific set of anxieties about gender roles and sexuality in Arab societies. Through a series of close readings of twenty contemporary Arabic novels, Aghacy presents a mosaic of masculinities that challenges the generally held view of an essentialized archetypal Arab man and mirrors a contested vision of manliness where men figure in diverse sociocultural environments.
Lucinda   Lucinda; or, The Mountain Mourner
P. D. Manvill
Edited and with an Introduction by Mischelle B. Anthony
Although it is a memoir, Lucinda reads like a sentimental epistolary novel, where the heroine is seduced, abandoned, and then dies in isolation shortly after her illegitimate child is born. In addition to providing insight into the Republican and nineteenth- century reading culture, Lucinda, as a historical document, provides a glimpse into one family and one community dealing with radical social and economic issues in early America.
Riverscapes and National Identities   Riverscapes and National Identities
Tricia Cusack
In this highly original book, Tricia Cusack explores the significance of painted riverscapes for the creation of national identities in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Europe and America. Focusing on five rivers—the Hudson, the Volga, the Seine, the Thames, and the Shannon—the author shows how just as ancient river mythologies served the ends of powerful religious and political groups, modern riverscapes incorporated dominant, often religious conceptions of the nation.
Postscript to the Middle Ages   Postscript to the Middle Ages
Teaching Medieval Studies Through Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose

Edited by Alison Ganze
More than a quarter century after its publication in English, Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose remains a popular novel among medievalists and non-medievalists alike. This collection of essays approaches the novel as a primary text in medieval studies courses and seeks to provide ways of integrating it into such courses effectively. While each essay in the collection stresses its own disciplinary contexts and concerns, together they enrich each other, providing a valuable addition to the relatively small canon of texts on medieval pedagogy.
Nitzotz   Nitzotz
The Spark of Resistance in Kovno Ghetto and Dachau-Kaufering Concentration Camp

Edited and with an Introduction by Laura Weinrib
Translated by Estee Weinrib
Under the brutal conditions of the Dachau-Kaufering concentration camp, a handful of young Jews resolved to resist their Nazi oppressors. Their weapons were their words. Beginning with the Soviet occuption of Kovno, the members of Irgun Brith Zion circulated an underground journal, Nitzotz (Spark), in which they debated Zionist politics and laid plans for postwar settlement in Palestine. Laura Weinrib presents this remarkable document to English readers for the first time. Along with a translation of the five remaining Dachau-Kaufering issues, the book includes an extensive critical introduction.
Television Plays   Television Plays
Stewart Parker

Edited by Clare Wallace
Stewart Parker is one of Northern Ireland’s most witty, eloquent, and astute playwrights, yet his work for television is little known. This collection gathers, for the first time, the bulk of his television drama, offering a unique and exciting opportunity to encounter another dimension to Parker’s oeuvre.
Dramatis Personae and Other Writings   Dramatis Personae and Other Writings
Stewart Parker
Edited by Gerald Dawe, Maria Johnston, and Clare Wallace
This collection brings together the best of Northern Irish playwright Stewart Parker’s literary prose and journalism. These writings showcase his anticipation and knowledge of the changing cultural conditions of theater life and play-making in the closing decades of the twentieth-century. His innate skepticism about politics is etched herein with feisty and unambivalent vigor.
Nameless Organizational Change   Nameless Organizational Change
No-Hype, Low-Resistance Corporate Transformation

Glenn Allen-Meyer with Neil H. Katz
In his organization development practice, author Glenn Allen-Meyer witnesses the way in which leading organizations "sell" changes to employees for their participation and "buy-in." Drawing on this research, Nameless Organizational Change offers a new approach for transforming organizations, providing a reliable, revolutionary way to achieve goals and hit performance targets without the expense, stress, and resistance so often experienced during major organizational change.
Pedagogy, not Policing   Pedagogy, not Policing
Positive Approaches to Academic Integrity at the University

Edited by Tyra Twomey, Holly White, and Ken Sagendorf
Bringing together the voices of graduate and undergraduate students, teaching assistants, faculty, and other members of university communities, it asks and addresses such questions as what academic integrity (AI) is, what roles it plays in our colleges and universities, whom it serves, and what practices nourish or jeopardize it. The contributors challenge what we think we know about AI while offering pragmatic, concrete tools for how to promote it in the classroom.
Building Community   Building Community
Stories and Strategies for Future Learning Community Faculty and Professionals

Edited by Terra Peckskamp and Carrie McLaughlin
Learning communities are now an integral part of campus life at colleges and universities. They help to create smooth transitions for first-year students, positively influencing intellectual and social development and leading to greater satisfaction with the undergraduate experience. The first section of the book examines the history of the learning community movement and strategies for assessing the effectiveness of programs. The second shows learning communities in operation from a variety of perspectives.
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