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Petty Business

Yirmi Pinkus
Translated from the Hebrew by Evan Fallenberg and Yardenne Greenspan

Hardcover $50.00s    |    978-0-8156-3551-2    |    2017

Paper $19.95    |    978-0-8156-1091-5    |    2017

ebook 978-0-8156-5417-9

This sensitive and humorous novel depicts a bourgeois Tel Aviv family in the last moments of a dying era.

"[A] decisive literary victory, a real celebration . . . the precise observations of Philip Roth, the grotesque wildness of Hanoch Levin, and the sharp melancholy of Ephraim Kishon. . . . A humorous novel that is motivated by empathy rather than sarcasm and manages to be both entertaining and deeply moving."—Omri Herzog, Ha’aretz

"A very funny yet tragic book, a unique work in the history of Israeli literature and one of only a handful of works that relates to the great humoristic tradition of Eastern European Jewish literature in Hebrew and Yiddish. Highly recommended."—Yaron Peleg, Kennedy Leigh Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Studies, University of Cambridge

"A refreshing, realistic portrayal of the city of Tel Aviv and a rare depiction of middle-aged, petty bourgeois characters who don’t usually find their way into Israeli fiction."—Philip Hollander, assistant professor, Center for Jewish Studies, University of Wisconsin–Madison

"The first few episodes of Petty Business bring Honoré de Balzac’s César Birotteau to mind . . . but Pinkus chooses wisely not to show its protagonists in their fall. . . . [It] is not the grand novel about the end of Israeli petit bourgeoisie but a depiction of its last few moments of grace, and it is a wonderful depiction."—Motti Fogel,Achbar Ha’Ir

  Petty Business

  Yirmi Pinkus is an Israeli writer and illustrator living in Tel Aviv. In 2010, he won the Prime Minister’s Award for his achievements both as a novelist and as a comics artist. Petty Business was short-listed for the 2013 Sapir prize.

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6 x 9, 240 pages

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