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Spring 2002 Catalog
Janet Ashbee   Janet Ashbee
Love, Marriage, and the Arts and Crafts Movement

Felicity Ashbee
One of the most powerful stories of the Arts and Crafts movement: a perceptive biography of one woman's valiant life in a vanished era of emerging feminism and bold socialist thought.
Anna in the Afterlife   Anna in the Afterlife
Merrill Joan Gerber
A scintillating novel about acerbic, ninety-year-old Anna who in death is refreshingly freed from the chains of mortal life.
A Community of Many Worlds   A Community of Many Worlds
Arab Americans in New York City

The Museum of the City of New York
A timely look at New York City's Arab communities from a variety of topics and viewpoints.
Factional Politics   Factional Politics in Post-Khomeini Iran
Mehdi Moslem
A profound analysis of the diverse political, socio-cultural, economic, and foreign policy issues that have engulfed revolutionary-Islamic Iran since its inception.
Twenty Years of Islamic Revolution   Twenty Years of Islamic Revolution
Political and Social Transition in Iran Since 1979

Edited by Eric Hooglund
A unique collection that provides insights into economic, political, and social aspects of contemporary Iran.
Jews, Turks, Ottomans   Jews, Turks, Ottomans
A Shared History, Fifteenth through Twentieth Centuries

Edited by Avigdor Levy
An in-depth and widely ranging exploration of Jewish life in the Ottoman Empire and in modern Turkey.
Jewish Insights on Death and Mourning   Jewish Insights on Death and Mourning
Edited by Jack Riemer
This collection of Jewish reflections on issues of death and dying make this an indispensable resource for coping with some of life's most difficult moments.
New Dawn   New Dawn
A Triumph of Life after the Holocaust

Helen Sendyk
This sequel to Sendyk's critically acclaimed End of Days is the story of how three Holocaust survivors struggled to build new lives--from the ashes of war-torn Poland to the rebirth of Israel.
T. C. Murray, Dramatist   T. C. Murray, Dramatist
Voice of the Irish Peasant

Albert J. DeGiacomo
Drawing on the archives of libraries in Dublin, New York City, and Boston, Albert J. DeGiacomo assesses T. C. Murray's contribution to the Irish dramatic movement. One of "the Cork realists" of the Abbey Theatre, Murray wrote seventeen plays in one, two, or three acts. A prominent National Teacher and a seemingly apolitical playwright in the Irish Literary Revival, Murray expressed nationalistic aspirations in his peasant tragedies. His characters' drive for self-determination and their religious consciousness mark Murray's dramatic landscape.
A Reader's Guide to Modern American Drama   A Reader's Guide to Modern American Drama
Sanford Sternlicht
A comprehensive record of the achievement of the major American dramatists, and a complete history of American theater.
TV Creators   TV Creators
Conversations with America's Top Producers of Television Drama

Volume Two
James L. Longworth, Jr
Meaningful dialogues with twelve of today's top writers and producers of quality television drama.
Reverence for Life   Reverence for Life
The Ethics of Albert Schweitzer for the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Marvin Meyer and Kurt Bergel
This collection of essays builds on the contributions of Albert Schweitzer's philosophy of "Reverence for Life" as it pertains to our world today.
Augusto   Augusto "César" Sandino
Messiah of Light and Truth

Marco Aurelio Navarro-Génie
A revelatory look at the life and times of Augusto Sandino, Nicaraguan rebel leader, national icon, messianic prophet.
Life in an Austro-Hungarian Military Prison   Life in an Austro-Hungarian Military Prison
The Slovak Tolstoyan Dr. Albert Skarvan's Story

Translated from the Slovak and Edited by Peter Brock
Primary material that provides a rare, first-hand account of life in a Central European military prison in the early twentieth century.
Geographical Voices   Geographical Voices
Edited by Peter Gould and Forrest R. Pitts
Essays by fourteen influential geographers provide timely examples of practical "geographical scholarship and a useful antidote to "ivory tower" theories.
Geography Inside Out   Geography Inside Out
Richard Symanski
A candid and revelatory critique of academic geography and geographers.
Joyce and the City   Joyce and the City
The Significance of Place

Edited by Michael Begnal
This collection of essays is the first work to focus entirely on the concept of space and its ramifications in the works of Joyce.
A Naturalist's Guide to Wetland Plants   A Naturalist's Guide to Wetland Plants
An Ecology for Eastern North America

Donald D. Cox
A nontechnical illustrated guidebook to the ecology of freshwater wetlands in Eastern and Central North America.
Perspectives on the Adirondacks   Perspectives on the Adirondacks
A Thirty-Year Struggle by People Protecting Their Treasure

Barbara McMartin
Public activism vs. political rigidity: the untold story behind the battle for the environment in New York State's magnificent Adirondacks.
Mangia Bene   Mangia Bene
Traditional Recipes of Italy

Pasqualina Rio Gregory
A collection of hundreds of traditional Italian recipes collected from northern and southern Italy.
Martin Buber   Martin Buber
A Contemporary Perspective

Edited by Paul Mendes-Flohr
Represents a critical evaluation of Martin Buber's work and its diverse aspects of modern thought and culture.
Salmon River Odyssey   Salmon River Odyssey
The Town of Richland and Its Hamlets

Hope Irvin Marston
An intriguing and revealing look at the historical development of Pulaski, New York, and the people who guided it into the twenty-first century.
Spirit of Nature - The Berkshire Landscapes of Jim Schantz   Spirit of Nature
The Berkshire Landscapes of Jim Schantz

Essays by Richard Nunley
Spirit of Nature is a visual and written journey through the Massachusetts's Berkshire region. The richly rendered and dramatically colored pastels by Jim Schantz capture the stunning topography of its rivers, mountains, and valleys, the inspiring light of its gentle sunrises and fiery sunsets; and the abundance of its spiritual inspiration. Richard Nunley's accompanying narration takes the reader on an informative and enjoyable ride through the history of the area.
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