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A Life in Writing   A Life in Writing
The Story of an American Journalist

Charles Champlin
A literate and lively memoir of well-known Los Angeles Times columnist and film critic Charles Champlin, chronicling his career as a journalist for Time and Life magazines.
Autumn in Yalta   Autumn in Yalta
A Novel and Three Stories

David Shrayer-Petrov
Edited and with an Afterword by Maxim D. Shrayer
A volume that includes an autobiographical novel about a Jewish Russian boy coming to terms with his identity during World War II and three moving and evocative stories about love, medicine, and the immigrant experience.
Harry Haft   Harry Haft
Survivor of Auschwitz, Challenger of Rocky Marciano

Alan Scott Haft
With Forewords by John Radzilowski and Mike Silver
An unflinching account of a young Jewish boy’s will to survive, chronicling his unimaginable journey from Nazi concentration camps to the professional boxing arena, eventually fighting Rocky Marciano.
Lucy’s Eggs   Lucy’s Eggs
Short Stories and a Novella

Rick Henry
In this remarkable collection, Rick Henry takes the simple events of small-town life and transforms them into richly poetic stories brimming with emotion.
A House with Seven Windows   A House with Seven Windows
Short Stories

Kadya Molodowsky
Translated from the Yiddish by Leah Schoolnik
A stark yet tender collection of short stories by Kadya Molodowsky, one of Yiddish literature’s most important female writers.
American Artists, Jewish Images   American Artists, Jewish Images
Matthew Baigell
In the first extended work tracing the Jewish influences of fifteen major American artists, this landmark book chronicles the enormous contribution of Jewish artists to twentieth-century American art.
Only An Artist   Only An Artist
Adelaide Alsop Robineau, American Studio Potter

Edited by Thomas Piché, Jr., and Julia A. Monti
Offers a unique look at Robineau’s art with a special focus on her later artwork and innovative ceramic design now popular, twenty years after her death.
Available March
North American Prints, 1913-1947   North American Prints, 1913-1947
An Examination at Century’s End

Edited by David Tatham
A distinctive collection of essays exploring an important era in printmaking in North America, this volume displays the range and significance of printmaking and enriches our knowledge of these critical decades.
Global Liberalism, Local Populism   Global Liberalism, Local Populism
Peace and Conflict in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland

Guy Ben-Porat
Explores the peace processes in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland through the lens of globalization by examining the centrality of the global setting against the dynamics of local conflict.
SengoÍdelc Old Irish for Beginners   SengoÍdelc
Old Irish for Beginners

David Stifter
An introductory text to the Irish language as spoken around the eighth-century c.e., covering all aspects of the grammar in a clear and intuitive format.
Joycemedia   Joycemedia
James Joyce, Hypermedia and Textual Genetics

Edited by Louis Armand
Major literary scholars explore the significance of hypertext in James Joyce scholarship.
Available January
Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island   New in Paper
The Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island
John A. Strong
A concise history of the Montaukett tribe of Long Island, bringing an important period of American Indian history vividly to life.
The Collected Speeches of Sagoyewatha, or Red Jacket   The Collected Speeches of Sagoyewatha, or Red Jacket
Edited by Granville Ganter
The first comprehensive collection of the Native American orator’s speeches, this volume contains more than fifty speeches by one of the most celebrated Native American diplomats of the nineteenth century.
Signs and Seasons   Signs and Seasons
John Burroughs
Edited and with Critical Commentary by Jeff Walker
A vital new edition of John Burroughs’s Signs and Seasons featuring introductory commentary, revealing how these timeless essays resonate with the environmental issues of today.
Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of New York   Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of New York
Alan E. Bessette and Arleen R. Bessette
A comprehensive field guide for mushroom identification in New York State ideally suited for safely collecting, preparing, and consuming a variety of edible mushrooms.
Don’t Pay Any Attention to Him, 
He’s 90% Water   Don’t Pay Any Attention to Him, He’s 90% Water
The Cartooning Career of Boris Drucker

Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Library

A retrospective exhibition catalog featuring forty-four illustrations and a biographical essay by Johanna Drucker, the artist’s daughter, a noted book artist, scholar, and critic.
Available February
A Paradise for Boys and Girls   A Paradise for Boys and Girls
Children’s Camps in the Adirondacks

Hallie E. Bond, Joan Jacobs Brumberg, and Leslie Paris
With a Foreword by Philip G. Terrie
A rare collection of pictorial narratives exploring the social history of children’s summer camps in the Adirondacks.
Adolph Gottlieb 1956   Adolph Gottlieb 1956
Erin Budis Coe and Randall Suffolk
Essay by Sanford Hirsch
Offering a rare look at Adolph Gottlieb’s progress as he moved from one major phase of his career to another, this fully illustrated catalogue highlights the work of one of the seminal figures of abstract expressionism.
Available January
The Druze and Their Faith in Tawhid   The Druze and Their Faith in Tawhid
Anis Obeid
An informed and thorough treatment of Druze history and beliefs that helps elucidate this religion’s enigmatic religious identity.
Religion, Society, and Modernity in Turkey   Religion, Society, and Modernity in Turkey
Serif Mardin
A selection of the finest essays by Serif Mardin, offering a historical and cultural analysis of the late Ottoman period and Republican Turkey.
Guide to Equality in the Family in the Maghreb   Guide to Equality in the Family in the Maghreb
Women’s Learning Partnership

Over three years ago, Collectif 95 Magheb-Egalité began an ambitious project to develop and disseminate to human rights activists a guide to equality in both the family and the private sector in the Maghreb. The result is a handbook that contributes to the debate about women's rights and Islamic law . . . .
Available January
Britain and the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1906-1911   Britain and the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1906-1911
Foreign Policy, Imperialism, and Dissent

Mansour Bonakdarian
An in-depth exploration of substantial British support of the Iranian constitutional and national struggle of 1906-1911, illuminating the opposition in Britain to Anglo-Russian imperialist intervention in Iran.
Journal of Turkish Literature issue 2   Journal of Turkish Literature
Issue 2

Talat S. Halman, Editor in Chief
Laurent Mignon, Associate Editor
The Journal of Turkish Literature (JTL) is the first and only international scholarly journal devoted in its entirety to the subject of Turkish literature.
Available January
The Kurdish National Movement   The Kurdish National Movement
Its Origins and Development

Wadie Jwaideh
A seminal work in the field of Kurdish studies, Wadie Jwaideh’s study, published for the first time, presents a detailed analysis of the early phases of Kurdish nationalism and offers a framework in which to understand the movement's later development.
Available June
Class and Labor in Iran   Class and Labor in Iran
Did the Revolution Matter?

Farhad Nomani and Sohrab Behdad
A probing and richly detailed examination of the effects of revolution, Islamic populism, protracted war, and economic crisis on the class nature of the workforce in Iran.
The Turkish Muse   The Turkish Muse
Views and Reviews, 1960s-1990s

Talat S. Halman
Edited by Jayne L. Warner
The first collection of its kind, this volume of more than 225 essays, offers penetrating analysis and insight into the important works of modern Turkish literature.
Available July
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