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Spring 2007 Book Catalog 
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Something on My Own   "Something on My Own"
Gertrude Berg and American Broadcasting, 1929–1956

Glenn D. Smith, Jr.
A compelling biography of a pioneering woman in broadcasting; an edifying companion to radio and TV broadcast history.
Shaping College Football   Shaping College Football
The Transformation of an American Sport, 1919-1930

Raymond Schmidt
A thorough examination of the sport’s "Golden Era," a time when factors both on and off the field combined to transform the game.
Fair Dealing and Clean Playing   First-time paperback

Fair Dealing and Clean Playing
The Hilldale Club and the Development of Black Professional Baseball, 1910–1932

Neil Lanctot
Traces the roots of the club and the three-tiered relationship between the Negro leagues, white semi-professional teams, and the major leagues.

Gin Before Breakfast   Gin Before Breakfast
The Dilemma of the Poet in the Newsroom

W. Dale Nelson
W. Dale Nelson, a poet-journalist himself, explores the provocative effect of journalism upon poetry and likewise poetry on the newsroom.
In Old Friendship   "In Old Friendship"
The Correspondence of Lewis Mumford and Henry A. Murray, 1928-1981

Edited by Frank G. Novak, Jr.
Chronicles the intimate exchange between two intellectuals, revealing the ways in which their friendship profoundly influenced their writing.
Fiorellos Sister   Fiorello’s Sister
Gemma La Guardia Gluck’s Story

Gemma La Guardia Gluck
Newly Expanded Edition Edited by Rochelle G. Saidel
A significant memoir of Holocaust, American, and European history, and an intimate glimpse into the life and times of a fabled family.
Missing Alice   Missing Alice
In Search of a Mother’s Voice

Susan Letzler Cole
A strikingly original memoir of loss, grief, and mourning exploring the ties that bind mothers and daughters in life, facing death, and during bereavement.
Stigma and The Cave   Stigma and The Cave
Two Novels

D. H. Melhem
Award-winning writer D. H. Melhem creates an emotionally harrowing yet philosophically enlightening vision of the post-9/11 world in her latest novels.
Remember Me to Lebanon   Remember Me to Lebanon
Stories of Lebanese Women in America

Evelyn Shakir
Here is a collection of telling, often luminous stories, about the lives of Lebanese women in America.
Swimming Toward the Light   Swimming Toward the Light
A Novel

Angela Tehaan Leone
A moving portrait of one Arab American family exploring its deep devotion to family and its destructive domestic traditions.
Rituals of Memory in Contemporary Arab Womens Writing   Rituals of Memory in
Contemporary Arab Women’s Writing

Brinda Mehta
Explores literary visions of Arab women on the edge of gender, sexuality, nation, and religion.
Journals of Sarab Affan   The Journals of Sarab Affan
A Novel

Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
Translated from the Arabic by Ghassan Nasr
The last novel by one of the greatest modern Arabic writers—and until now the only one never yet translated into English.
Distant Train   Distant Train
A Novel

Ibrahim Abdel Megid
Translated from the Arabic by Hosam Aboul-Ela
A first publication in English of major avant-garde work by an important Egyptian writer.
Women, Religion, and Space   Women, Religion, and Space
Global Perspectives on Gender and Faith

Edited by Karen M. Morin and Jeanne Kay Guelke
Original writings on the neglected geographic aspects of women and religion.
Women, Press, and Politics   Women, Press, and Politics
during the Irish Revival

Karen Steele
A detailed study of Irish women writers and the advanced nationalist press during the Irish Revival.
From Patriarchy to Empowerment   From Patriarchy to Empowerment
Women’s Participation, Movements, and Rights in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia

Edited by Valentine M. Moghadam
Explores profound economic and cultural changes for women in "the patriarchal belt" of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.
Alien Worlds   Alien Worlds
Social and Religious Dimensions of Extraterrestrial Contact

Edited by Diana G. Tumminia
Discusses the controversial culture of UFOs, extraterrestrial phenomena, and cosmic mysteries.
Priest-Indian Conflict in Upper Peru   Priest-Indian Conflict in Upper Peru
The Generation of Rebellion, 1750–1780

Nicholas A. Robins
Offers an unprecedented exploration of incendiary conditions that stoked The Great Rebellion of 1780–1782 in Upper Peru (present-day Bolivia).
Taming Ethnic Hatred   Taming Ethnic Hatred
Ethnic Cooperation and Transnational Networks in Eastern Europe

Patrice C. McMahon
An original and valuable contribution to the literature on ethnic politics.
Cornplanter   Cornplanter
Chief Warrior of the Allegany Senecas

Thomas S. Abler
A rare chronicle of the life of the Seneca Chief Warrior who guided his people through a time of historic crisis.
Archaeology of the Iroquois   Archaeology of the Iroquois
Selected Readings and Research Sources

Edited by Jordan E. Kerber
An up-to-date text for Iroquoian archaeology and an essential reference for archaeologists and other researchers.
Big Medicine from Six Nations   Big Medicine from Six Nations
Ted Williams
Edited and with an Afterword by Debra Roberts
Celebrated author Ted Williams’ account of his lifelong engagement with traditional wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and his search for higher consciousness among the Six Nations of Iroquois.
Representing the Immigrant Experience   Representing the Immigrant Experience
Morris Rosenfeld and the Emergence of Yiddish Literature in America

Marc Miller
The first, full-length investigation of Morris Rosenfeld, one of the central poets of Yiddish literature around the turn of the twentieth century.
Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States   Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States
Alan E. Bessette, William C. Roody, Arleen R. Bessette, Dail L. Dunaway
A trustworthy guide for identification of mushrooms of the southeastern United States.
If Our Lives Be Spared   If Our Lives Be Spared
Three Generations of an American Family in Central New York

Terrance Keenan
Original documents are used in this compelling volume to portray life in the 1800s as it was lived by three extraordinary generations of hardy pioneering people in rural Central New York.
Crossroads In Time   Crossroads In Time
An Illustrated History of Syracuse

Dennis J. Connors
This book provides the engaging story of Syracuse’s expansion and development over the past 200 years. Beyond its chronological narrative, this volume is filled with sidebars detailing unique locations, characters and events, which collectively give Syracuse its distinctive identity.
Point of Contact   Point of Contact
Anniversary Issue 30 Years

Point of Contact, the book series, commemorates thirty years of publishing with an exceptional anthology edition featuring a selection of some of its most memorable articles, a collection of thirty-three essays and conversations with some of today’s most exciting critical thinkers . . . .
Love, Accusative and Dative   Love, Accusative and Dative
Reflections on Leviticus 19:18

Paul Mendes-Flohr
In this probing and original lecture, Paul Mendes-Flohr examines classical and modern Jewish commentaries on the biblical commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord" (Leviticus 19:18).
The Great Flood of Florence   The Great Flood of Florence
A Photographic Essay

Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna
The Great Flood of Florence by Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna launches a new book series published by Syracuse University in Florence. Villa Rossa Series: Intercultural Perspectives on Italy and Europe highlights the artistic achievements and intellectual discoveries of the SUF faculty and professional staff.
    Building Pedagogical Curb Cuts
Incorporating Disability in the University Classroom and Curriculum

Edited by Liat Ben-Moshe, Rebecca C. Cory, Mia Feldbaum, and Ken Sagendorf
This book is a result of an interdisciplinary effort by Syracuse University’s Future Professoriate Program (FPP) who invited authors to explore ideas on how institutions can better focus on the needs and perspectives of scholars and students with disabilities.
Global Ireland   Global Ireland
Edited by Ondrej Pilný and Clare Wallace
Global Ireland brings together a selection of critical essays by the leading critics of Irish literature writing today. Contributors include Richard Kearney, Thomas Docherty, Jose Lanters, Jason King, and Rajeev Patke.
Night Joyce of a Thousand Tiers   Night Joyce of a Thousand Tiers
Petr Skrabánek: Studies in Finnegans Wake

Edited by Louis Armand and Ondrej Pilný
The essays of Petr Skrabánek, Czech émigré and pioneer Joyce scholar, are collected here for the first time, finally placing him alongside his more celebrated contemporaries.
Phil Rogers   Phil Rogers

Andrew L. Maske
This book, with an in-depth interview with the artist, and full-color illustrations throughout, allows the reader to appreciate the historical context and profound beauty of contemporary fine art pottery.
Return to Vilna   Return to Vilna
Samuel Bak

Lawrence L. Langer
This book is a tribute to the artist’s return to his birthplace, to the place of his childhood, once filled with happiness; to the streets of his tenuous survival during World War II; and to the memorial for his grandparents and father.
Painting Life   Painting Life
The Art of Pieter Bruegel, The Elder

Robert L. Bonn
Bonn clearly explains why Bruegel’s paintings brilliantly capture the universal conditions of conflict, work, play, folly, and chaos, as well as innumerable pieces of biblical and folk wisdom.
Honeysuckle, Honeyjuice   Honeysuckle, Honeyjuice
A Tribute to James Liddy

Edited by Michael S. Begnal
Honeysuckle, Honeyjuice gathers together forty poets, novelists, visual artists, and scholars paying tribute to a poet whose work continues to intrigue and inspire readers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Simone de Beauvoir   Simone de Beauvoir and her Catholicism
An Essay on her Ethical and Religious Meditations

Joseph Mahon
Joseph Mahon documents the formative influences of home, school, and Church on the mind of France’s most famous female philosopher, novelist, and essayist. Examining her memoirs, philosophical monographs, and short stories, Mahon reveals a vocabulary that remains richly Catholic. This book offers a major contribution to feminist philosophy, ethical theory, philosophy of religion, and cultural studies.
Exploring Johns Gospel   Exploring John’s Gospel
Reading, Interpretation, Knowledge

Colm Luibhéid
In this book, Colm Luibhéid reviews the writings of Origen and Augustine, of Thomas Aquinas and John Calvin, and of twentieth-century scholars such as Rudolf Bultman, John Ashton and Diarmaid McGann . . . .With fresh insight and thoughtful analysis, Exploring John’s Gospel leads readers into an intellectual and spiritual debate in celebration of the power and genius of the Fourth Gospel.
Austrian Anschluss   The Austrian Anschluss in History and Literature
Eoin Bourke
From Pardon to Protest   From Pardon to Protest
Memoirs From the Margins

Una O’Higgins O’Malley
Economy, Society, and Peripherality   Economy, Society, and Peripherality
Experiences from the West of Ireland

Edited by John McDonagh
The Years Flew By   The Years Flew By
Recollections of Madame Sidney Gifford Czira

Edited by Alan Hayes
The Lights of Heaven   The Lights of Heaven
Séeamus Ó Grianna

Edited by Nollaig Mac Congáil
On the Raft with Fr. Roseliep   On the Raft with Fr. Roseliep
James Liddy
The Connemara Five   The Connemara Five
Micheál Ó Conghaile
Mother Tongue   Mother Tongue
Pura López Colomé
Translated by Lorna Shaughnessy
If We Have Lost Our Oldest Tales   If We Have Lost Our Oldest Tales
María Baranda
Translated by Lorna Shaughnessy
Dha Sceal   Dhá Scéal
Two Stories

Máirtin Ó Cadhain
John Hennig Exile in Ireland   John Hennig’s Exile in Ireland
Edited by Gisela Holfter and Hermann Rasche
Friends in High Places   Friends in High Places
Una O’Higgins O’Malley
Twentieth Century Revisited   Twentieth Century Revisited
Una O’Higgins O’Malley
Meters   Meters
Bríd Cummins
Crystal Tower of Light   The Crystal Tower of Light
Ríona McGonagle
Maire Mullarney   Maire Mullarney argues about Language
Maire Mullarney
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