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Spring 2008 Book Catalog 
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Child in Jerusalem   Child in Jerusalem
Felicity Ashbee
With a Foreword by H. V. F. Winstone
Vividly capturing a child’s ingenuous perceptions of place, Ashbee’s story recreates classic moments of childhood experience against richly detailed views of her surroundings.
Contemporary Iraqi Fiction   Contemporary Iraqi Fiction
An Anthology

Edited and Translated from the Arabic by Shakir Mustafa
The first anthology of its kind in the West, Contemporary Iraqi Fiction gathers work from sixteen Iraqi writers, all translated from Arabic into English.
Providence Has Freed Our Hands   "Providence Has Freed Our Hands"
Women’s Missions and the
American Encounter with Japan

Karen K. Seat
In "Providence Has Freed Our Hands," Karen K. Seat tells the history of women’s foreign missions in Japan and reveals the considerable role they played in liberalizing American understandings of Christianity, gender, and race.
Making Miss India Miss World   Making Miss India Miss World
Constructing Gender, Power, and the Nation
in Postliberalization India

Susan Dewey
Through the unexpected lens of the 2003 beauty pageant, Susan Dewey’s Making Miss India Miss World examines what feminine beauty has come to mean in a country transformed by recent political, economic, and cultural developments.
Re-Centering Culture and Knowledge   Re-Centering Culture and Knowledge in Conflict Resolution Practice
Edited by Mary Adams Trujillo, S. Y. Bowland, Linda James Myers, Phillip M. Richards, and Beth Roy
Re-Centering Culture and Knowledge in Conflict Resolution Practice is a collection of essays by scholars and practitioners of conflict resolution and grassroots members of communities whose contributions are not commonly recognized.
Migrants to the Metropolis   Migrants to the Metropolis
The Rise of Immigrant Gateway Cities

Edited by Marie Price and Lisa Benton-Short
Offering penetrating analyses by leading scholars in the field, Migrants to the Metropolis redirects the global narrative surrounding migration away from states and borders and toward cities, where the vast majority of economic migrants settle.
Chinatown Lives   Chinatown Lives
Oral Histories from Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Edited by Lena Sze and Photographs by Rodney Atienza
Consisting of twenty-two interviews with a diverse array of Chinatown residents and framed by three essays situating the interviews in a social and political context, Chinatown Lives focuses on residents’ definitions of their own community and neighborhood in terms of people, events, and institutions.
From Plato to Lancelot   From Plato to Lancelot
A Preface to Chrétien de Troyes

K. Sarah-Jane Murray
In From Plato to Lancelot, K. Sarah-Jane Murray makes a highly original and profoundly significant contribution to current scholarship by locating Chrétien’s work at the intersection of two important traditions: one derived from Greco-Roman antiquity, the other from the Celtic world of the Atlantic seaboard.
Kate Field   Kate Field
The Many Lives of a Nineteenth-Century
American Journalist

Gary Scharnhorst
In this eloquent and immensely readable biography, Gary Scharnhorst offers a fascinating, often poignant portrait of a fiercely intelligent and enormously independent woman who contributed significantly to America’s intellectual and social life in the late nineteenth century.
Images of a Girl, Images of a Woman   Images of a Girl, Images of a Woman
Rita Hammond, American Photographer

Edited by Gina Murtagh
A nationally recognized artist and photographer (1924-1999), Rita Hammond was a dynamic and greatly admired presence in the Central New York art community. With audacity, intelligence, and humor, Hammond’s work reflected on major figures from the history of art and photography.
Of Irish Descent   Of Irish Descent
Origin Stories, Genealogy, and the Politics
of Belonging

Catherine Nash
Examining tensions between ideas of plurality and commonality, difference and connection that run through the culture and science of ancestral origins, Of Irish Descent is an original and timely exploration of new configurations of nation and diaspora as communities of shared descent.
Grand Opportunity   Grand Opportunity
The Gaelic Revival and Irish Society, 1893-1910

Timothy G. McMahon
In this groundbreaking work, Timothy McMahon reexamines the significance of the Gaelic Revival in forming Ireland’s national identity.
Past Imperfect   Past Imperfect
318 Episodes from the Life of a Russian Artist

Grisha Bruskin
Translated from the Russian by Alice Nakhimovsky
Past Imperfect deftly captures the artist’s experiences as a Jew in Russia, the reality of life in an empire permeated by ideology, and the centrality of family.
Representing the Irreparable   Representing the Irreparable
The Shoah, the Bible, and the Art of Samuel Bak

Edited by Danna Nolan Fewell, Gary A. Phillips, and Yvonne Sherwood
Bak’s pictorial readings invite reconsideration of the Post-Reformation privileging of word over image, and of the Post-Enlightenment privileging of reason over experience.
Neither With Them Nor Without Them   Neither With Them Nor Without Them
The Russian Writer and the Jew in the Age of Realism

Elena M. Katz
Elena M. Katz explores the complex and the ambiguous construction of Jewishness as "Otherness" in the works of three of Russia’s greatest nineteenth-century authors. Katz identifies Gogol, Dostoevsky, and Turgenev as creators of special modes of Jewish discourse in Russian literature.
Here and Now   Here and Now
History, Nationalism, and Realism in Modern Hebrew Fiction

Todd Hasak-Lowy
Focusing on canonical texts by S. Y. Abramovitz, Y. H. Brenner, S. Y. Agnon, and S. Yizhar, the author establishes how modern Hebrew writers galvanized Jewish nationalism in nineteenth-century Europe and later articulated its character in twentieth-century Palestine.
Emil L. Fackenheim   Emil L. Fackenheim
A Jewish Philosopher’s Response to the Holocaust

David Patterson
Emil Fackenheim was the last in a long line of Jewish philosophers to emerge from Germany, the modern center of Western philosophy, following Moses Mendelssohn, Leo Baeck, and Martin Buber. In this revealing book, David Patterson explores Fackenheim’s rigorous pursuit of a philosophical response to the tragedy of the Holocaust.
Will to Freedom   Will to Freedom
A Perilous Journey Through Fascism and Communism

Egon Balas
Will to Freedom is an eyewitness account of the social and political upheaval that shook Eastern Europe from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s.
The Seven Lives of Colonel Patterson   The Seven Lives of Colonel Patterson
How an Irish Lion Hunter Led the Jewish Legion to Victory

Denis Brian
With an Afterword by Alan Patterson
An Irish-born soldier, lion hunter, bridge builder, East African game warden, author, man-about-town, and Zionist, Patterson’s life is a fascinating story, and Brian’s well-researched account gives a revealing look into the ebb and flow of circumstances that produced such a colorful character.
Contested Terrain   Contested Terrain
A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks, Second Edition

Philip G. Terrie
"The finest general Adirondack history yet written, the book to which all subsequent accounts will have to refer."
—New York Review of Books
Water for New York I   Water for New York I
The History of the Development and Management of the Waters of New York, 1789-1970

Robert D. Hennigan
Robert D. Hennigan provides a fascinating history of water management, including the allocation of water resources, the protection of fisheries, and the rampant contamination of the state’s water.
Half-Life of Cardio-Pulmonary Function   A Half-Life of Cardio-Pulmonary Function
Poems and Paintings

Eric Gansworth
Echoing the muscular rhythms of the heartbeat, the poems in this stunning collection alternate between contraction and expansion. Eric Gansworth explores the act of enduring: physically, historically, and culturally.
    Soul Talk: Urban Youth Poetry
A Writing Project Featuring Syracuse City School District Students

Edited by M. Kristiina Montero
This book reveals what young people are thinking and feeling. Expressing a range of emotions from hope to immense sadness, students write about family, identity, and community.
Our Movie Houses   Our Movie Houses
A History of Film and Cinematic Innovation in Central New York

Norman O. Keim, with David Marc
Norman O. Keim and David Marc provide a highly readable and richly detailed account of the origins of American film in Central New York, the colorful history of neighborhood theaters in Syracuse, and the famous film personalities who got their start in the unlikely snow belt of New York State. Lavishly illustrated, this book will be treasured by both film buffs and Central New Yorkers.
Freedom in the Wilds   Freedom in the Wilds
An Artist in the Adirondacks, Third Edition

Harold Weston
Edited by Rebecca Foster
First published in 1971, Freedom in the Wilds became a classic among Adirondack literature for its thoughtful exploration of wilderness and creativity. In this third edition, Rebecca Foster updates the original by bringing to the foreground Weston’s compelling personal story.
The River Lock   The River Lock
One Boy’s Life along the Mohawk

Stephen Haven
Pulled between the disparate spheres of home life with a minister father he loves and respects, and the world of sex, drugs, and violence of his closest boyhood friends, author Stephen Haven relates his journey of self-discovery in this poignant memoir.
Wildflowers of Massachusetts   Wildflowers of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
in Color

William K. Chapman, Valerie A. Chapman, Alan E. Bessette, and Arleen R. Bessette
This field guide will give nature enthusiasts instant access to the diverse and beautiful flora of these New England states. The authors provide keys to each species based on observable characteristics of color, flower shape, and leaf arrangement, allowing novices and experts alike to quickly identify flowers.
Ibrahim the Mad   Ibrahim the Mad and Other Plays
An Anthology of Modern Turkish Drama, Volume One

Edited by Talat S. Halman and Jayne L. Warner
This two-volume anthology is the first major collection of modern Turkish plays in English—a selection dealing with ancient Anatolian mythology, Ottoman history, contemporary social issues, family dramas, and ribald comedy from Turkey’s cities and rural areas.
Crafting Fiction, Poetry, and Memoir   Crafting Fiction, Poetry, and Memoir
Talks from the Colgate Writers’ Conference, 2002-2007

Edited by Matthew Leone
Born out of the Colgate Writers’ Conference, this collection of essays brings together a diverse group of gifted authors and teachers who are passionate about the art of writing.
Salt City and Its Black Community   Salt City and Its Black Community
A Sociological Study of Syracuse, New York

S. David Stamps and Miriam Burney Stamps
Employing a conflict theory approach, the authors analyze the effects of black migration north, affirmative action, school integration, urban renewal, deindustrialization, political mobilization, and suburbanization on the growth and development of the black community.
Blacks at the Net   Blacks at the Net
Black Achievement in the History of Tennis, Volume Two

Sundiata Djata
Exploring the discrimination that kept blacks out of pro tennis for decades, he examines the role that this traditionally white sport played in the black community and provides keen insights into the politics of professional sports and the challenges faced by today’s black players.
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