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Spring 2009 Book Catalog 
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Acts of Conscience   Acts of Conscience
World War II, Mental Institutions, and Religious Objectors

Steven J. Taylor
In the mid- to late 1940s, a group of young men rattled the psychiatric establishment by beaming a public spotlight on the squalid conditions and brutality in our nation’s mental hospitals and training schools for people with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities. Bringing the abuses to the attention of newspapers and magazines across the country, they led a reform effort to change public attitudes and to improve the training and status of institutional staff.
God and the Editor   God and the Editor
My Search for Meaning at the New York Times

Robert H. Phelps
With candor and keen observation, Phelps chronicles both the triumphant and the tragic events at the Times. He explains the missed lessons of the Pentagon Papers, why the Times played catchup with the Washington Post on the Watergate scandal but eventually surpassed it on covering that seminal story, and how the Times failed to report a key element of the riots at the 1968 Democratic convention.
Governors Island   Governors Island
The Jewel of New York Harbor

Ann L. Buttenwieser
From its early days as the site of a British fort in the 1700s, to its longstanding role as a station for the U.S. Army and the Coast Guard, to its function as a venue for political receptions and parties, the island has hosted a dazzling parade of the brave and the dignified. Ann L. Buttenwieser brings this rich legacy to life, creating a striking portrait of the island through never-before-published photographs, blueprints, architectural plans, and interviews with former residents.
41 Shots and Counting   41 Shots. . .and Counting
What Amadou Diallo’s Story Teaches Us about Policing, Race, and Justice

Beth Roy
When four New York City police officers killed Amadou Diallo in 1999, the forty-one shots they fired echoed loudly across the nation. With lucid analysis, Roy explores events in the courtroom, in city hall, in the streets, and in the police precinct, revealing the interlacing conflict dynamics.
We Had Sneakers, They Had Guns   We Had Sneakers, They Had Guns
The Kids Who Fought for Civil Rights in Mississippi

Tracy Sugarman
In We Had Sneakers, They Had Guns, Sugarman chronicles the sacrifices, tragedies, and triumphs of that unprecedented moment in our nation’s history. Sugarman’s unique reportorial art, in word and image, makes this book a vital record of our nation’s past.
Abel Kiviat, National Champion   Abel Kiviat, National Champion
Twentieth-Century Track & Field and the Melting Pot

Alan S. Katchen
Alan S. Katchen brings Kiviat’s fascinating story to life and re-creates a lost world, when track and field was at the height of its popularity and occupying a central place in America’s sporting world.
Canceled Memories   Canceled Memories
A Novel

Nazik Saba Yared
Translated from the Arabic by Nadine Sinno
Set during the Lebanese civil war, this novel chronicles the splintering of the Al-Mukhtars, a Lebanese family whose love and trust for one another is strained by the increasing economic, social, and psychological tensions that surround them.
The Journals of Grace Hartigan, 1951–1955   The Journals of Grace Hartigan, 1951–1955
Edited by William T. La Moy and Joseph P. McCaffrey
With an Introduction by Terence Diggory
Grace Hartigan emerged during the 1950s as a leading representative of the "second generation" of the New York School of abstract expressionist painters, a movement that achieved international standing for American art. Published for the first time, Hartigan’s journals offer readers an intimate chronicle of the vibrant artistic and literary milieu of the times.
Looking for Lockerbie   Looking for Lockerbie
Edited by Lawrence Mason, Jr. and Melissa Chessher
Photographs by Lawrence Mason, Jr.
Through stunning photographs and personal vignettes, Looking for Lockerbie introduces to the world some of Lockerbie’s most engaging personalities, events, and places...The book celebrates the connection between a "wee" Scottish town and an American university, forged from the grief and sorrow arising from a single horrific air disaster.
The Best is Yet to Come   The Best is Yet to Come
Marc Coleman
Ireland’s miracle is far from over. As anxiety mounts about the end of Ireland’s boom, The Best is Yet to Come discusses how Ireland can realize its economic future while recovering its cultural past.
Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference   Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference
Innovation, Learning and Sense of Place in a Globalising Ireland

Finbarr Bradley and James J. Kennelly
After two decades of exceptional economic growth and cultural change, Ireland faces the greatest challenge yet: creating a sustainable competitive advantage to guarantee its success in the future.
Saving the Future   Saving the Future
How Social Partnership Shaped Ireland’s Economic Success

Tim Hastings, Brian Sheehan, and Padraig Yeates
Drawing on new insights from political, business, and civic leaders who helped turn Ireland into one of Europe’s most successful European economies, Saving the Future describes the most striking years of Ireland’s economic development.
The Intentional Leader, 2009 Supplement   The Intentional Leader, 2009 Supplement
Kenneth A. Shaw
This supplement to The Intentional Leader offers new information and practical advice on the art and science of leadership, allowing readers to stay current with the latest developments in leadership thinking.
Ariadnes Thread   Ariadne’s Thread
Writing Women into Irish History

Margaret Mac Curtain
This book offers a collection of Margaret Mac Curtain’s pioneering essays in the field of Irish women’s history.
Tattoo   Tattoo : Tatú
Nuala Ní Chonchúir
In this bilingual collection, Tattoo, the hidden stories of both famous and ordinary women are teased out in crafted, often wry, poems: Virginia Woolf’s dying moments in Virginias Last Walk, a woman’s arranged marriage in Cleamhnas 1933.
Swimming with Pelicans   Swimming with Pelicans
Ag Eitilt fara Condair

Deirdre Brennan
Swimming with Pelicans is a remarkable new dual-language collection from Deirdre Brennan, one of Ireland’s foremost writers in both English and Irish.
Why Irish   Why Irish?
Irish Language and Literature in Academia

Edited by Brian Ó Conchubhair
he Weight of Feathers   The Weight of Feathers
Geraldine Mills
Perplexed Skin   Perplexed Skin
Patrick Cotter
Belongings   Belongings
Joan Newmann and Kate Newmann
"This joint collection, Belongings, is an absolute joy to read and represents some of Kate Newmann and Joan Newmann’s finest work. . . ."
Preparing for Spring   Preparing for Spring
Nell Regan
"Preparing for Spring is an accomplished book which will delight both those readers who have already admired her work . . . and those to whom her voice is new."
Uninhabited Ireland   Uninhabited Ireland
Tara, the M3 and Public Spaces in Galway

Conor Newman and Ulf Strohmayer
This volume brings together two contributions to a critically important public debate on the ownership of public spaces in Ireland and on the custody and future of its archaeological and cultural heritage.
    Dramai Thus Na Hathbheochana
Eadaoin Ni Mhuircheartaigh agus Nollaig Mac Congail
The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project   The St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project
An Oral History of the Greatest Construction Show on Earth

Claire Puccia Parham
The culmination of a century-long dream to link the Great Lakes interior industrial hubs to the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project stands as one of the largest and most important public works’ initiatives of the twentieth century. In this book, Claire Puccia Parham reveals the human side of the project in the words of its engineers, laborers, and carpenters.
Our Knowledge Is Not Primitive   Our Knowledge Is Not Primitive
Decolonizing Botanical Anishinaabe Teachings

Wendy Makoons Geniusz
Wendy Makoons Geniusz contrasts the way in which Anishinaabe botanical knowledge is presented in the academic record with how it is preserved in Anishinaabe culture. In doing so she seeks to open a dialogue between the two communities to discuss methods for decolonizing existing texts and to develop innovative approaches for conducting more culturally meaningful research in the future.
At the Font of the Marvelous   At the Font of the Marvelous
Exploring Oral Narrative and Mythic Imagery of the Iroquois and Their Neighbors

Anthony Wonderley
"Due to Anthony Wonderley’s efforts, we may now glimpse a rich world of thought that had been lost. At the Font of the Marvelous is a masterpiece."
George Clinton   George Clinton
Master Builder of the Empire State

John K. Lee
With a Foreword by James B. Bell
This engaging biography, enriched with an array of illustrations, shines a bright light on an early American politician whose remarkable vision and leadership powerfully shaped the Empire State.
The Great Experiment in Conservation   The Great Experiment in Conservation
Voices from the Adirondack Park

Edited by William F. Porter, Jon D. Erickson, and Ross S. Whaley
With keen insight and deep passion, the authors reveal the Adirondack Park’s rich natural and cultural history in shaping conservation policy, providing vital contributions to the future study of land preservation.
Ireland in Focus   Ireland in Focus
Film, Photography, and Popular Culture

Edited by Eóin Flannery and Michael Griffin
With a Foreword by Colin Graham
Ireland in Focus is the first book to address the diverse range of visual representations of national and communal identity in Ireland.
The Irish Bridget   The Irish Bridget
Irish Immigrant Women in Domestic Service in America, 1840–1930

Margaret Lynch-Brennan
With a Foreword by Maureen O’Rourke Murphy
Drawing on personal correspondence and other primary sources, Lynch-Brennan gives voice to these young Irish women and celebrates their untold contribution to the ethnic history of the United States.
Making Ireland Irish: Tourism and National Identity since the Irish Civil War   Making Ireland Irish
Tourism and National Identity since the Irish Civil War

Eric G. E. Zuelow
Drawing on an extensive array of previously untapped or underused sources, Eric G. E. Zuelow examines how a small group of tourism advocates, inspired by tourist development movements in countries such as France and Spain, worked tirelessly to convince their Irish compatriots that tourism was the secret to Ireland’s success.
The Passing Game   The Passing Game
Queering Jewish American Culture

Warren Hoffman
Tony Kushner’s award-winning epic play Angels in America was remarkable not only for its sensitive engagement of Jewish- American and gay culture but also for bringing these themes to a mainstream audience. While the play represented a watershed in American theater and culture, it belies a hundred years of previous attention to queer Jewish identity in twentieth-century American literature, drama, and film. In The Passing Game, Warren Hoffman sheds light on this long history, taking up both Yiddish and English narratives that explore the tensions among Jewish identity, queer sexuality, performance, and American citizenship.
Language, Absence, Play   Language, Absence, Play
Judaism and Superstructuralism in the Poetics of S. Y. Agnon

Yaniv Hagbi
With deep insight and lucid prose, Language, Absence, Play demonstrates how the traditional and the contemporary forces shaping Agnon’s literary art inform and transform each other.
Murder Without Hatred   Murder Without Hatred
Estonians and the Holocaust

Anton Weiss-Wendt
In this detailed study of Estonians’ role in the Holocaust, Anton Weiss-Wendt casts light on a largely unexplored subject. Narrating the history of Estonia’s involvement, Weiss-Wendt presents lucid explanations regarding the relationships between nation-building, mass violence, and the brutal effects of authoritarian oppression on occupied states.
Bundist Counterculture in Interwar Poland   Bundist Counterculture in Interwar Poland
Jack Jacobs
While many earlier works on the politics of Polish Jewry have suggested that Bundist victories were not of lasting significance or attributable to outside forces, Jack Jacobs argues convincingly that the electoral success of the Bund was linked to the work of the constellation of cultural and other organizations revolving around the party.
Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Context   Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Context
Edited by Eileen F. Babbitt and Ellen L. Lutz
Employing a case study approach, the contributing authors examine three areas of conflict—Sierra Leone, Colombia, and Northern Ireland—from the perspectives of participants in both the peace-making and human rights efforts in each country.
National Minority, Regional Majority   National Minority, Regional Majority
Palestinian Arabs Versus Jews in Israel

Yitzhak Reiter
"A comprehensive, detailed, and solid analysis of the exceptional conflict between the Jewish majority and the Arab minority in Israel."
Also available, New from Litteraria Pragensia . . .
    Irony and Identity
In Modern Irish Drama

Ondrej Pilny
    Mind Factory
Edited by Louis Armand
Theatre, Performance, Subjectivity

Edited by Clare Wallace
Edited by Arthur Bradley and Louis Armand
    Suspect Cultures
Narrative, Identity and Citation in 1990s New Drama

Clare Wallace
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