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Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism

Julia M. Wright

Cloth $39.95s    |    978-0-8156-3353-2    |    2014

ebook 978-0-8156-5266-3

"Representing the National Landscape is a tour de force."—Canadian Journal of Irish Studies

"A tour de force....succeeds quite brilliantly as an object lesson in reading and situating familiar and less familiar texts together in new and interesting ways, and thereby reframing how we see the literary landscape."—Canadian Journal of Irish Studies

"A highly engaging, richly researched study of the longstanding association between land, national identity, and Irish literary production, Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism begins with traditional, Herderian-driven ideas of cultural nationalism only to overturn them."—Eighteenth-Century Fiction

"The astonishing archival labor supporting Wright’s argument yields a number of glittering insights that establish Irish Romanticism as a literary movement unto itself, evolving synchronously with—and, often, independently of—English and Scottish Romanticism."—Keats-Shelley Journal

"This work is a many-stranded view of numerous overlapping narratives from the Romantic era which grapple with and reveal multiple locations and meanings for Ireland and the Irish. It is a most interesting and stimulating book."—Journal of Historical Geography

"A major contribution to Irish literary and intellectual history. Wright’s astute and incisive analysis presents original perspectives on Irish literary history, reveals significant new tropes and connections within and beyond Irish literary tradition, traces the textual genealogies of iconic sites like Glendalough and Killarney, and explores neglected works by and interconnections among writers such as Charlotte Brooke, William Drennan, William Preston, Thomas Moore, Alicia Lefanu, John and Michael Banim, Lady Morgan, Denis Florence MacCarthy, and lesser known writers."—Mary Helen Thuente, author of The Harp Re-Strung: The United Irishmen and the Rise of Irish Literary Nationalism

"The book combines incredible archival research with theoretical nous. It deals with many texts that have not been substantially written about before, and draws fascinating links between texts previously not fully noticed."—James Kelly, editor of Ireland and Romanticism: Publics, Nations, and Scenes of Cultural Production

  Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism

  Julia M. Wright is professor of English at Dalhousie University in Halifax. She is the author of Ireland, India, and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Blake, Nationalism, and the Politics of Alienation.

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6 x 9, 360 pages, notes, bibliography

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